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Men Made For More Episode 107: Being Vulnerable and Finding Your Tribe with Trey Mitchell

guestepisode Dec 10, 2020

We’re joined with former pro athlete Trey Mitchell today as we discuss problems that so many men face - vulnerability, finding the right community, responding to setbacks, and finding deeper purpose through faith. Listen up today as we dive deep into how to get rid of the distractions and lies that are keeping us from living as the men we were made to be.

As you hear in the interview, Trey is so kind as to put his personal number out there for anyone struggling and needing someone to be there for them. You can reach Trey at 909-268-5294 or reach out to him on Instagram @treys4g

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Men Made For More Episode 107: Being Vulnerable and Finding Your Tribe with Trey Mitchell

[00:00:00] Dave: Welcome to the Men Made For More podcast, a show designed by men for men looking to get strong, feel confident, and live a high performing life. As men. We face many challenges as we try and strive for a better life. We want to live a meaningful and competent life. The don't know where to start. You've lost your physical and mental edge.

[00:00:18] It's keeping you from living out your full potential. You tired of talking about doing big things and you're ready to start living it with the men made for more podcasts. The goal is to teach you how to strengthen your body, your mind. And your purpose and your way to reaching your full potential. It's time to start living as a man.

[00:00:34] You know, you can be to help lift those up that matter the most in your life. Every week, we'll have a featured guest who will share valuable information and experience to give you actionable strategies. You can apply to live as a man you were made to go drawn or guests, knowledge and experience. More importantly, we will discuss how this applies to the common challenges and struggles with being a man in today's world.

[00:00:55] Our goal is to not only build strong men physically. But to help coach and develop strong [00:01:00] friends, sons, brothers, fathers, business owners, and professionals in every area of your life. I'm your host, Dr. Dave Paczkowski,  proud husband, business owner, physical therapist and strength coach with a passion for helping other men strengthen their body, their mind, and their purpose, wherever you're at on your journey.

[00:01:19] I'm excited to have you here with us today. Now let's dive in today's episode. The men made for more guests.

[00:01:27] What's up guys. Welcome to today's guest episode of the men made for more podcast joined with a good friend of mine, very special guests, Trey Mitchell, and we are talking all about. Things that men need to hear being vulnerable, being open, responding to setbacks, even things like overcoming addictions and temptations and having faith in today's world.

[00:01:52] And these are some powerful topics and things that Trey and I have been lucky enough to connect in a, uh, group [00:02:00] of, of men that are. Or coming together and support each other. And, uh, you'll, you'll hear us talk some on that and just so much more of Trey's background, uh, kind of his ups and downs that he's gone through as a former professional athlete and as someone who's, uh, transitioning in his life and in his career and.

[00:02:17] I just learned to become more vulnerable, more confident in who he is. So guys, I am so excited for this one. Uh, we have a long one coming your way, but full of good information for you guys. So please buckle up. Get ready. Let's get started.

[00:02:33] Trey, welcome to the men made for more podcasts, dude. I'm stoked to have you on here today. Thanks for coming on.

[00:02:39] Trey: [00:02:39] Dude, Dave, I appreciate it. My friend I'm, I'm extremely excited to be on a Men Made For More  and, uh, yeah, man, let's sharpen each other's iron and hopefully some listeners that listen in can, can feel the same.

[00:02:54] Dave: [00:02:54] Not hopefully they will. We, we, uh, we, we know it to be true, right.

[00:02:58] Trey: [00:02:58] Amen. Well, Hey, let me, [00:03:00] uh, let me open this bad boy up for us with some prayer. If that's good with you

[00:03:03] Dave: [00:03:03] Yep. Let's do it.

[00:03:04] Trey: [00:03:04] get this Holy spirit in here and let's rock and roll. Dear Heavenly Father, I lift you up right now and I lift up, uh, Men Made For More. I lift up Dave, I lift up my self here, God and asked for you to put your hands on our mind our body in our souls.

[00:03:25] Heavenly father. I, I, uh, ask that you bring the Holy spirit within the room that, that I'm sitting in and David's sitting in, um, as well as the listeners, as well as the rooms that the listeners are sitting in wherever they are. Heavenly Father. I pray that you just, you fill us. You fill us too, to a point where we're overflowing heavenly father.

[00:03:46] I thank you so much for the opportunity to have a man like this, Dave, um, who's a leader. Who is a believer, um, in someone that is on fire for you, heavenly father, I just pray that our discussions here, um, can be organic, [00:04:00] can be, um, unfiltered, can be raw and can be in your name, heavenly father, uh, something that can glorify you and, and bring forth people, uh, to, to join the walk that we're all in.

[00:04:15] See your light and ultimately shine, shine, bright for this world to see. We love you Lord, in your name, we pray. Amen.

[00:04:23] Dave: [00:04:23] amen, brother. Appreciate that. I appreciate your boldness too. And your fire man. It's uh, it's contagious.

[00:04:30] Trey: [00:04:30] Amen to that. I appreciate you stoking my fire because fire needs oxygen to keep burning. So, um, I'm excited.

[00:04:36] Dave: [00:04:36] Yeah, it's gonna be fun today. And, uh, uh, Trey and I were talking for about, we were talking for about maybe 20 minutes before this, and I told him we were about to start recording. He's like, dude, I thought we already, where that's conversation always happens before. And he was, he was like, man, I've already dropped the mic three times.

[00:04:53] Trey: [00:04:53] You said, like I said, man, I'm coming into this. You are baptizing me by fire. I am a, this is [00:05:00] me in my first, uh, first podcast. So thank you, Dave. Um, and let's rock steady, homie.

[00:05:08] Dave: Yeah, I'm honored, man. So for those that are listening, why don't you just give a little background on your story personally and professionally where you're at and what you're up to 

[00:05:16] Trey: whoa man? Um, yeah, so obviously my name is Trey Mitchell. Um, I'm 29 years old, um, and have had an incredibly, incredibly blessed life.

[00:05:28] Um, you know, all of that Dave comes from, uh, so much, I would say. There's definitely been some success that took place, obviously, you know, um, from being a good buddy of mine now, um, and, and being a member of the tribe that we're in. Um, however, um, a lot of it is a true Testament to the failures, um, that I've, that I've endured and gone through.

[00:05:53] Um, and the lessons that I learned from those, um, and with that said, Um, as you know, [00:06:00] my, the 29 years of my life, um, starting off, um, as a young young kid, um, I always wanted to be a professional athlete. Um, and that was my, it was my chosen, I guess you could say it was somewhat of my chosen destiny for myself, um, and knew that.

[00:06:18] Uh, without a shadow of a doubt, that's what I wanted to do. Um, ever since I could remember, um, I, I think I like two or, uh, two years old. I believe I had a golf club in my hand. Um, and I was swinging a golf club. Um, that was my very first sport. Um, and to kind of then to cut a long story short, um, Ended up finding soccer, uh, my senior year of high school.

[00:06:44] Um, sure enough, I did play like a little bit AYSO and stuff like that when I was younger, but, uh, that, that ended up being the catalyst into me, achieving a lifelong goal of mine, of becoming a professional athlete, um, and, and [00:07:00] started soccer my senior year of high school, um, legitimately playing it, uh, was a goalkeeper.

[00:07:05] Um, and that's a God story. That's a crazy story of how that all started, but, um, we'll, we'll stay on track here and for the sake of the listeners, but, um, but, uh, yeah, so very quickly found myself signing a professional contract. Um, I believe it was 2014. Um, I, uh, had the opportunity to sign, which he missed USA reserves.

[00:07:27] Um, and the U23's , which was a small, you know, I'm less, uh, non-nonchalant contract, which then catapulted me into, you know, The professional world. Um, and very quickly after that found myself, um, on trial and Louisville, um, in, in, in that time, um, that was when I really got the opportunity to fight for an actual paycheck and actual professional contract um, in Louisville's in a USL, small, low level division, and very [00:08:00] quickly, um, was fighting hard.

[00:08:02] And I was there on a, on a month trial, their brand new club within the USL. And doing really, really, really well, um, and was being recognized by all the players within the locker rooms, ones that were contracted ones that were there on trial as well saying, wow, you're, you're doing good. They were kind of helping me feel my confidence, like, Oh yeah, I'm going to be getting the contractor, the coaching staff, same thing with the goalkeeper coach.

[00:08:25] Um, ensure enough, man, uh, very, very quickly, um, that got turned upside down and I found myself about a month or I would say it was just about a week before. Um, contracts were to be given out to the trialists. Um, the coach came and. Told me, Hey, you're going to be going home. Um, in sure enough, I found out that their plan all along was just to keep me there as a preseason felon and, um, ultimately sending packet.

[00:08:58] And that was a pretty wild, [00:09:00] pretty wild ride, uh, to be honest, because that was a shutdown to my true dream of inking, um, a legitimate professional contract, uh, that wasn't anything like a reserve contract or anything of that nature and found myself at home. Um, but with that God's story in and of itself, man, um, a couple of weeks later found myself, uh, Found myself signing with the LA galaxy.

[00:09:28] Um, and that was come 2015, um, in setting me up for, for a wild, wild ride in the professional world. Um, and you know, I was. I was definitely blessed with the opportunities that I had. Um, I had no crazy successful career. Um, I'm not, I was not a, um, freak goalkeeper that was on all these recruiting lists and all the top big time player.

[00:09:56] I wasn't drafted like in the MLS, how it works in America or [00:10:00] anything of that nature. Um, I was just a hard worker. I'm a hard worker. One that knew how to not take no for an answer. Um, and keep on grinding. Um, and keep on having, you know, it took, it took a while to figure it out. I definitely had faith to keep on going, um, however achieved what I always wanted to achieve, and that was become a professional athlete.

[00:10:24] Um, and sure enough, it ended up being the start was ended up being with the best, uh, most decorated, uh, soccer club in America. Um, in granted, I was only on their official roster for about two months, um, and, uh, found myself within a pole, a pool goalkeeper contract within the MLS, um, which then got me into sporting Kansas city.

[00:10:45] Um, a couple of teams later and had the opportunity there to be there from late 2015 to 2016. Um, and then quickly found myself in the USL, um, after that in 2017, which is the league under, um, and played [00:11:00] for the Pittsburgh river hounds, um, and had a fantastic, uh, season there, uh, played about, I think, 12 games before I dislocated my shoulder, uh, which that was an issue.

[00:11:10] And then, um, After that, got it back in and, and rehabbed and played another five or so games and ultimately, uh, found myself into retirement, uh, very shortly after. Um, and, and that, you know, is, is a, a crazy story as well. Um, but now, currently, um, after I did retire, I decided to, uh, Or I, I saw an opportunity, uh, that needed to be taken, um, along with two other players, Conor Tobin, and Tommy Heinemann at the time.

[00:11:42] and we co-founded the USL players  association which is the union that protects all players throughout the championship level and also USL league one. so that's about like 900 players or so and then,also found [00:12:00] myself into real estate, with CBRE.  where I currently am a capital market specialist within multi-family, um, which is apartment complexes from about like million 20 twenty-five million, in working there as well.

[00:12:13] So, Now I find myself with you within a tribe. I'm with Steve Weatherford, rather than me. You can Connor Mead and Scott, uh, Scott Thomas, and, um, just continuing to, you know, as an entrepreneur, um, grinding and glorifying God in any, any way I possibly can. And ultimately, uh, You know, just looking to become a better man, because I know that men are always made for more.

[00:12:40] Dave: [00:12:40] I love it, man. Appreciate sharing the story and uh, you know, I'm glad we got, we got connected, so, a lot, a lot happening in 29 years. And appreciate you sharing that. Yeah. I want to, I want to get in a couple of things though. Cause the, I mean, it sounds like the Louisville getting signed in and cut was a big setback. I mean, you had plenty of other setbacks of things that probably seemed like, Oh, this is [00:13:00] finally turning the corner.

[00:13:00] Like all my, all my hard work is finally paying off and then something gets like, Rug gets ripped out from underneath you. And what made the, what made the shoulder different? Was it just different times of your life? Where, cause that's another setback that you probably, like you said you could have bounced back from if, if you were willing to keep working at it or if you felt like you, it was something you needed to do, what was the difference between some of those other setbacks that allowed you to keep pushing through and with the shoulder being like, Hey, it's not quite, it's not, it's not time to do it.

[00:13:28] It's time for a new, new chapter.

[00:13:30] Yeah, I would say with, with the Louisville situation, Dave, um, that was a test and that was a test that was, that was given from God. And it wasn't something that I came to true realization until a little bit after, um, reason being is just because you get so shocked, I was in Louisville and I was doing so well.

[00:13:51] And all the players like, Whoa, dude, you're definitely getting the contract. You're, you're doing so well. And our goalkeeper coach and all these things. And then out of [00:14:00] nowhere, the cookie crumbles the way the cookie crumbles. And you're just like, what in the world? How is this possible? And. And then you come to the realization of, Oh my gosh.

[00:14:10] I'm not even in the MLS right now. Getting dropped I'm in the USL getting dropped, like this is, this is somewhat the, almost the bottom of American soccer, like, okay. What's left for me here  and in with the support with the family, with everybody that I had in my corner. That kept me going.

[00:14:30] I would say doing it myself, there would have been no possible way. Um, and then I say this to any of our listeners, any younger, younger athletes, anybody that's aspiring to be a professional athlete, but that's aspiring to do great things with anything, not even athletics, business, whatever you can't do it alone.

[00:14:47] Um, you got to align yourself with like-minded people. You got to align yourself with people that understand what you're trying to achieve. And understand where you're trying to go. Um, I, myself, number one [00:15:00] in am aligned with, with the big man upstairs God, the Holy spirit and Jesus, uh, which that is my.

[00:15:06] That is my, my catapult in, into anything and everything. However, with the alignment also comes assignment with everybody else that's within our corner. And I have assigned myself to so many people that we're allowing to number one, hold me, hold me up to some of my deepest and darkest times and push me to keep me going.

[00:15:28] And that's what we all need. You, you know that too, and everybody else does. And. Any any high successful, um, true achiever will tell you they're not doing it alone. Um, so I would say that was the big thing. Uh, but the difference between that and the shoulder, um, was the shoulder part was I came to the realization of what I was doing to my body.

[00:15:52] And also what I was doing for how much, and again, I never want to make the true decision of being paid, [00:16:00] um, or how much money I'm earning. However, it was reality at the time in the USL, I'll be, I'll be candid. I was making $14,000. I made $14,000 in a year. That's an in, that's not a way to live, at least for me.

[00:16:13] And that's not what I thought my value was. Um, especially for what I was doing to my body. And also. The ceiling that I saw. The ceiling that I saw. Um, and I'm, I'm only speaking for myself here, not for, not for other players that are currently active and in grinding. And this is why I S I was, I was so adamant in getting this union figured out is to help players and make sure that the, the, the minimum standards are raised.

[00:16:41] Just something that can keep people in the game. Something that can allow people to say, okay, they could wake up from surgery and say, boom, I'm going to get my ass back into that so I can keep fighting. And as I'm keep fighting, no, I'm not going to make a glorious paycheck. It's not like, uh, my expectations were to make.

[00:16:58] $400,000 league minimum [00:17:00] or something like that. It's just to get by because where I was, it wasn't like I was in a position. I wasn't at the best of my game. I wasn't an a plus player I needed. I, I did, I needed to have something to where it was the bare minimum, just able to get by. But $14,000. Isn't just getting by dude.

[00:17:18] That is like scraping pennies. Obviously they, they pay for living. They pay for some other stuff, but. That's when I realized like, all right, you know what again, what, what was going on with my body? What was going on with my mind? What was going on with so many other things? I just felt like it wasn't for me anymore.

[00:17:37] Um, and that, that would be the difference between that in, in the Louisville situation. Um, and I came to the realization of, and I pressed into God of saying, Hey man, Do I need to be here still. Should I still continue to do this? Or is there something else better for me out there? And then when I started opening the doors and peeking into the doors of the business world, which to be quite honest is, is [00:18:00] something that I struggle.

[00:18:00] And I, and I wish going back to, uh, the times that I was playing that I was more open-minded to the outside world because I was so just. I had the blinders on of just sports and thought, okay. It was just sports. And then when I was done with sports, I'm going to coach. It's like, no dude, you have just because I don't have a degree.

[00:18:20] I didn't finish school. I am no scholar. I'm no, I am just a raw American, pure, pure blooded American that just literally works his ass off and learns along the way. And when I realized that that value that I have. In, in the intangibles within me and the character that I have. When I started peeking into the business world, and then I saw what can be done in that, because a big word for me is provide, I believe that I'm, I'm here on this earth to truly provide for not just myself, but for many's or, uh, for many others.

[00:18:56] Uh, whether that be financially, whether that be spiritually, whether that be through [00:19:00] wisdom, I don't know yet, but I know that I'm going to be providing for, for many, many, many, many people. Um, and when I peeked through that door in the business world, I saw. What can be, what can be done, what can be achieved and especially what can be done and what can be achieved for the Trey Braden Mitchell that I know I am.

[00:19:18] And that's when I realized, all right. Let's, let's go, let's go blow through that door and see what happens.

[00:19:28] I love it. And I think that the danger, like I said, the blinders on that can be an, you know, I think sports is, uh, an easy place to put blinders on, but even people within business, within their career, within families, relationships, it's easy to just have. Have those blinders on. And I think that speaks to, to kind of reiterate your point of surrounding yourself with not doing it alone, surround yourself with community, to be more open to other things that are out there because we just get, so, you know, especially like you said, the high achievers, like, like you and I, we just, [00:20:00] we get so caught up in, in our day to day and our life and whether that's in sports, whether it's in business, work other things, and it's just like, You're going, you're going, you're treading along and you're just putting your head down and work in something that you don't have a problem with.

[00:20:12] I've never had a problem with, but I think there's a lot of value, other value too, and surrounding yourself with other like minded people, but not necessarily people. You were probably around like-minded soccer players and like minded people that were also working hard, but the whole world, like all the rest of the world and the people that are doing things elsewhere and working hard in different ways, people similar, similar mindset, but not necessarily in the same field, in the same trenches.

[00:20:37] Right.

[00:20:39] Trey: [00:20:39] Correct? Correct. Absolutely.

[00:20:41] Dave: [00:20:41] I think that's the, you know, a lot of power in that. What, uh, back to one more thing I had on the Louisville thing, what. What emotions were you, was it more anger that you were feeling? Was it more, I mean, fear that you wouldn't be able play anywhere? Was there just frustration upset? Cause I mean, I think that's it setbacks in general.

[00:20:58] I love speaking deep around [00:21:00] because we're all gonna experience them and it won't be your last setback at,

[00:21:03] Trey: [00:21:03] Amen to that.

[00:21:04] Dave: [00:21:04] I've had plenty of them, but you know, what, what were you, what were you feeling and how'd you get through that? I know you had the opportunity pretty quick and you had support from your dad, but, uh, you know, w what were you dealing with in that time?

[00:21:17] Trey: [00:21:17] The first word that comes to mind was worried. I, I definitely remember having a lot of worry and that worry was that the goal that I had, um, and this is, and this is where. I, I mentioned this to Christopher Werth, yesterday who I spoke with, um, who's within our tribe, um, is that I think something that also, uh, pigeon-holed me in my professional career, um, as a professional athlete, Was that some of the goals that I had the top ones were literally just signed a professional contract.

[00:21:52] And, um, the reason why I say that is because the worry that I had when I got back home from Louisville was that [00:22:00] goal was so far away. And I, I don't remember having true anger, um, or true, you know, um, Resentment, uh, to anything or anybody. I, you know, you could, you could argue that I had some resentment to the, the head coach at the time, just because I felt deceived.

[00:22:20] I felt, um, I felt like, you know, they just, weren't honest with, with many things, uh, however, That is a coach. I will tell you this point blank. That is one of the coaches that I would still run through a brick wall for a still run through a brick wall for, um, he was, he was a, he, he was a true players coach, unfortunately.

[00:22:40] I mean, I didn't get the, I didn't get the good end of the stick, um, on that, on that side of things, however, Um, he was a true players coach and he was a guy, even when we played against him, uh, when I actually got into Pittsburgh and I think he saw it a little bit. He's like, Oh shit, I probably shouldn't get me along.

[00:22:58] But, um, [00:23:00] uh, cause he came up to me. He was like, Hey, uh, I remember it was actually after a game, he shipped my hand like a man and he said, good work. You, you, you really gave us a run for our money. And in Louisville at the time when we played against them, they were a big time club. Um, But yeah, I would say if there was resentment, um, or sorry, there wasn't true resentment.

[00:23:20] Um, there was just maybe a little bit within, the coaching staff. Um, a little bit maybe from God. And at that time it was because there was immaturity. Um, I was immature, um, and there was a lot of immaturity, a lot of things that I needed to grow from. Um, and still to this day, uh, I would say that there, I wouldn't call myself immature, but I'm still.

[00:23:40] Learning and however, a lot more self-aware than I was at that time. Um, which again, brings you back to how important it is to have people in your corner that are mature, that are there that can help you grow, um, and help keep you accountable and help smack you in the face when you need to be smacked. Um, [00:24:00] however, yeah.

[00:24:00] To answer your question. Yeah, I think it was the biggest thing was just worry. It was worry, um, which at times caused me to, you know, really just lick my wounds and take a couple days off. Uh, however, when I got back to it, I got back to it and sure enough, I got a call X amount of days later. I can't remember exactly how many days it was, but it was because I didn't just sit on the couch and sulk.

[00:24:27] It was because I returned back to the field and said, okay, now it's time to go get ready for the next call. And sure enough, that next call came from the best soccer team in America

[00:24:43] and that's and that's and that's, and that's that's God that's that's God just at work. That is God being the funny dude. He is saying, Trey, I'm going to get you cut from Louisville. And I think, Oh my gosh. Again, the worry [00:25:00] was, Oh my gosh. How am I going to, how am I going to achieve my goal of signing a professional contract?

[00:25:05] When I just got cut from a, from a USL team? And then God saying, Oh dude, don't worry about it, bro. I'm up here. You got some funny stories coming up in the next couple of days and sure enough yelling out and he calls him. He signed a contract with LA galaxy.

[00:25:21]Dave: [00:25:21] can't even make it up insane how that works in talking about maturity. You mentioned a couple of things to, you mentioned spiritual maturity. You also mentioned. At one point you, you said, uh, I think mental, mental midget or something was, was how you described yourself at some point. How did you know, how did you, were there any turning points for how you evolved and grew mentally, spiritually over those?

[00:25:43] I don't know what the timeline was, uh, over that, but like what were some of the turning points or was this intentional growth or did it, did it happen, uh, kind of inspired your efforts instead of because your efforts.

[00:25:56] Trey: [00:25:56] You know, I, I would say, and I appreciate that question. Reason being David's [00:26:00] because in the world today in, in society, um, and this is, this is perfect. Um, where I could tell you that your title for this podcast of men made for more, uh, the way I'm going to answer this is going to hit the nail on the head in reasons being is because.

[00:26:19] Our mind is the most, well, our mind and our tongues are the most powerful things that we have, and they are things that can either be a detriment to us, or be something that can literally literally catapult us to just unbelievable amounts of success. Now with that again, that brings you back to, we can not do that alone.

[00:26:42] And I will tell you this, and this is something that, um, is so neglected in also for men. So, um, frowned upon to a certain degree, if that's, if, for lack of better words, um, I was very adamant of having, uh, psychologists [00:27:00] and sports psychologists. Um, and I pressed into them in, in was very, and I'm an open book, bro.

[00:27:06] You could ask me any question in, I am, maybe some people can say it's to a detriment, but I don't find it that way. Um, I will tell you anything and everything. I will tell you about my flaws. I will tell you about my struggles. I'll tell you about my success. Um, and I will do it in, in what I tried to do is, is be the most humbly or come at it from the most humble, um, position that I can now, uh, with that I was, I've always been an aware person, a self-aware person.

[00:27:36] Um, I would say now I am way more self-aware than I was when I was maybe 24 or 23 or 22 or 21. Um, however, I was aware to the point that I allowed myself to always get help. Whether it be from people in my corner or whether it be from true professionals and that's something to our listeners and I'm sure many men are listening, um, or the men that are listening, that they fight [00:28:00] with, that they fight with, you know, anything that's going on within their lives, let's say alcohol abuse.

[00:28:05] So let's say for me at times it was, it was, uh, my, my habits with, um, uh, indulgent in cannabis. Uh, I would say, um, you know, with, uh, just so many, so many things and especially in the world that we're in today in 2020 is dude, everybody is, everybody is being put through just a mental blender. And it's allowing yourself to take inventory and say, all right, where, where are the, where are the spots that I need help?

[00:28:34] Where are the things that are struggling for me and who can help me get there and who can help me fill those gaps? Who can help me? Obviously, Chad Wright says, it's, it's all right here in this big old book, which is called the Holy Bible. And that's something I've struggled diving into. However, God puts people on the face of this earth to help. And people that are in alignment and I, and I challenged people again, it all depends on the walks of [00:29:00] life and spirituality and whatever, whatever have you. And I'm not here to tell you, um, you know, Oh, well actually, you know what? I am here to tell you that what is right, brother, man is our, our big old, mighty God in this Bible right here.

[00:29:13] And I recommend that anybody and everybody finds professionals, whether they be psychologists, whether it'd be sports, psychologist, whatever you want to call them. And you go dive into people like that. And you allow your heart and your mind to truly be open. And I guarantee you look what comes back and return.

[00:29:34] I guarantee you, I dare rentee you and it's okay to be vulnerable as men. It is okay to be vulnerable because the way we're going to get better. Is allowing people that are in alignment with the father, the son, and the Holy spirit to come back and do what they're hearing this face of the earth and fill the gaps. And then when that happens, man, guess what you're going to be [00:30:00] now in a situation where you yourself, I, myself, I'm going to be better. And when we see somebody struggling on the side of the road, or what have you, we're going to be there to pick up the pieces for them as well. And that right there tells me, men are always made for more. That's my job. Number one.

[00:30:20] Dave: [00:30:20] That's

[00:30:21] Trey: [00:30:21] That's my job. Number one.

[00:30:22] Dave: [00:30:22] as the first and we didn't catch the ones before the show, even that's just the,

[00:30:26] Trey: [00:30:26] Oh, dear.

[00:30:26] Dave: [00:30:26] the, the first one here, dude. That's that's awesome. Yeah, that's so good. And what keeps people from being, you know, cause it's, uh, I think it, like you said, it is such a tough topic for men.

[00:30:37] What, what keeps men from being vulnerable? It's it sounds like. You know, you've always been pretty good, pretty self-aware with this, but some people either don't realize their blind spots or don't choose to see their blind spots. Do you think it's more, a lack of realization, a lack of awareness? Is it a lack of just wanting to confront it, the fear associated with it?

[00:30:55] What's what keeps us from seeking that help from, from areas where we, where we know we need it.

[00:31:00] [00:31:00] Trey: [00:31:00] No, I would say, You know, the first word that comes to me, Dave is pride. And that actually gives me goosebumps. Um, because I'm, I'm feeling the Holy spirit really working in that, as I say that word. Uh, but I think a big one is pride. Um, and I think that goes to, um, and I don't want to get too far to my boundaries, but this comes back from, I don't remember where the message was coming from.

[00:31:24] This might've been on a podcast, but I believe and correct me if I'm wrong here. you're just breaking off the chains and, and when those chains break off, like I said, (909) 268-5294.

[00:31:36] You make that phone call that's that's breaking off chain. Number one. In in, if that is all I can give you, that is probably the biggest gift is because you are now making steps in the right direction of vulnerability.

[00:31:52] Dave: [00:31:52] you beat me to it too. I appreciate that. Cause the, uh, the people listening, if you are feeling that poll and you're, and you don't know where to start, it's like. [00:32:00] There there's your starting point. You don't have to know that. I think as guys, and for me, especially, I bounced around so many things in my own head.

[00:32:06] It's like, okay. Yeah. Well, there's, there's the first step, but what, what about steps two through, you know, what are, what are steps two through 15 gonna look like in terms of whatever we're struggling with. If it's, if it's fear, if it's vulnerability, if those things too, and it's like, All you need to do is take, take the first step with that, you know, and find whatever that first step is.

[00:32:24] If you want to hit Trey up, I encourage you to, you can hear how awesome of a dude he is, and he's going to be there for you. But whatever that first step might be for you it's, you don't have to see the whole, you don't have to see the whole picture. It's like, just, just take that first step in whatever you're dealing with.

[00:32:37] Trey: [00:32:37] Yeah. And, and honestly, man, that actually is a perfect transition into, in the scripture right here on Matthew seven, seven to eight. Um, and, and this is, and this is where I press into so many men to, to again, dive into this Holy Bible that it in. I don't know if, if somebody hasn't listened to the podcast with Chad Wright and Steve Weatherford, that was posted a little bit ago.

[00:32:57] I. I command [00:33:00] you to listen to that one first before you call me. Cause honestly, it's gonna rock your world, but this brings me into scripture and leads me to answering your question of just Matthew seven, seven to eight man ask. And it will be given to you seek and you will find knock and the door will be open to you for everyone who asks, receives he who seeks, finds, and to him who knocks the door will be open.

[00:33:24] And that right there, man. That in Holy scripture is telling me that if you're, if you're getting to a point where you've come to the realization of this vulnerability and all this stuff, you just feel so much pressure. Then you get down on your knees and you truly surrender and allow God's will to be done, which is our calling, which is, I believe is my calling and doing that and allowing him to take true control, take territory within me, which is ultimately gonna allow me to take territory here on earth until the day I die and God calls me home.

[00:33:53] But that scripture right there, yells it's screaming at us to give God [00:34:00] our needs, our wants, what we're looking for, what, what we want, what chains are we trying to break away? What, what is causing us to, you know, be held back, tell him, Oh God, I feel like I'm being held back because. All this porn or all this alcohol or all this drugs or all this money or all who knows what it is and watch him break it all away.

[00:34:26] When you truly surrender and put it at the foot of the cross, and then give me a call and I'd love to talk about it. And I'd love to laugh with you because you're going to start realizing how insane God is, how insane the Holy spirit is. And I'm starting to, I'm starting to realize that. And I, and I'd had realizations of that through my, through my life of being a 29 year old man.

[00:34:49] Cause I had God come into my heart when I was, I believe, eight years old. And I have been incredibly blessed. I say this again with the family and people that are in my corner that are all in alignment of [00:35:00] God, all in alignment with Jesus, all in the lineman of Holy spirit, which keeps me here and accountable.

[00:35:05] And again, I have gone out into this world and I have choked myself silly. Whether it be through, again, my habits with smoking weed, my times that I go out and drink, um, or when I go out and be, uh, not drink, but go out and be a drunker when I, uh, indulge in so much other stuff. I, I, I am not a pure man. I've had, uh, uh, sex before marriage, all this types of stuff.

[00:35:31] I have, I have gone to so many places where I have choked myself out. It all goes back to when you get into that vulnerable situation and you allow yourself to be vulnerable and you start giving God your wants what you're looking for. Watch out world, whoever you are. I know the Trey Mitchell watch out world.

[00:35:53] You Dave, watch out world. Whoever else is listening. Watch out world. You are [00:36:00] coming. You are coming back. You are bouncing back.

[00:36:03]Dave: [00:36:03] man. I just, I just love that vulnerability and for, just to be able to put yourself out there with that. And I, I think it's, it's so cool to see because, you know, I had this. Misconception growing up too. And I think, uh, I I'm, I'm confident a lot of listeners can relate to it of a mist kind of a misconception of, of who God is.

[00:36:23] When we look at maybe just the church. You know, I grew up in the Catholic church and I steered clear of, of God. And, you know, I went to, I went to college and partying, drinking, being a scumbag. Like I got as far away as I could from God to, until. Realizing that it wasn't, you know, wasn't the same, the God that I grew up in thinking that it wasn't church and the commands and the strictness of, and all that is not is, is not the guy, not who God is.

[00:36:52] And that's, uh, you know, something come to that realization and gives confidence to be able to have that vulnerability [00:37:00] because we're not, we're no longer tied by. You know, our, our actions or our performance. And like you said, being a pure man, it's, there's such this misconception. And I think that like, Oh, you have to, you have to be peer.

[00:37:11] You have to get clean and then come to God. Like you said, just, just come to God. Like openly confess, just laid on him. Like, trust me, he can, he can handle it.

[00:37:21] Trey: [00:37:21] Yeah, in, in, in the relationships. And this is actually in a discussion that, um, a member of our tribe, rather than, you know, him just as well as I do is coach Tim Smith. Um, and, and he was. Me for, to truly dive into what relationships mean. Um, and that's with, uh, with my ex-girlfriends that's with my friends currently that's with my family.

[00:37:42] That's what so many people, what does, what do I picture true relationship is in the five words that I put down. We're love, passion, energy, honor, and trust in all five of those words, I guarantee everybody on this, on this call or on this podcast, that's listening [00:38:00] in those five words. God's got it. G And if you are, if you feel like you're missing love, if you feel like your missing passion, if you're feeling like you're missing energy, you feel like you're missing honor. You feel like you're missing trust. Again, give me a phone call and we can talk about it and then I can direct you to God. And I will let you borrow some base from me.

[00:38:22] I will let you borrow the spirit and I will, I will call it in the Holy spirit and beg of it to just flow into that person, to flow into you, to flow into whoever it is and see what happens. Because it's not going to be me. That's, that's truly changing you. It's going to be you your vulnerability and allowing God to come through, come through, take territory because when you allow him to come take territory again, I say it again.

[00:38:48] I say it again. I say it again. We going to be taking territory out here on this earth.

[00:38:53]Dave: [00:38:53] preach it, man. What would you for, for the people listening that, you know, and I'm, I'm sure, uh, a lot of emotions could [00:39:00] be gone for someone listening, things stirring up in their hearts. What would you say to someone who's skeptical about. About all this. What would you say to someone who's skeptical?

[00:39:07] Because me at 18, I don't know if I would've been ready to hear it. I don't know if I would have taken action on hearing some of the things you're talking about. What would you say to someone who's who's skeptical.

[00:39:18] Trey: [00:39:18] I, I would, uh, the first, the first word is always going to be why? It's going to be diving a little bit deeper into why, why are you skeptical? And I would, and I would challenge people that are on the fence to ask that question of themselves of why are they truly skeptical and in write it down. Or talk to somebody or talk to somebody that maybe is on not maybe is on the side of the fence that you're looking on, you're looking over and saying, okay, what's going on over there.

[00:39:48] Um, but I, I just prepare you to buckle up because when you jump over on the other side of the fence, you're going to be on the craziest rollercoaster ride of your life, and it's going to be amazing and I'm not promising in. And I [00:40:00] promise those people that are skeptical, that. It ain't going to be a world of perfect.

[00:40:05] It ain't going to, it's not all sunshine and rainbows reasons being is because when you do jump over on that other side of the fence, the devil says, Oh my gosh, I need him back and I'll tell you right now, there's a heaven. And there's a hell. And if you're on that other side of the fence, that has not accepted God in your heart, you are, you are in a position where you haven't. Accepted him into your, into your life, allowing to take territory in your world or in your, in your, in your body, in your soul, in everything about you, the man that created you, you haven't accepted him. You haven't truly believed in, had faith in him. You're going to go to hell. And that's the side of the fence that you're dabbling on and word on the street.

[00:40:55] And when I say word on the street in this Bible, That's not where [00:41:00] I'm trying to go. That's not where I'm trying to go. But when you do accept him into your heart, the Bible says that's not where you're going. You're going to heaven. And when you do jump on that other side of the fence, the sunshine and rainbows is when God calls you home. Earth isn't going to change. And it's unfortunate because again, it goes back to that story of Adam and Eve, when they bit into that forbidden fruit at the snap of a finger ThreeWill was given, and there is sin, there is sin in this world. And sometimes it's unexplainable and it's something that I am trying to become more knowledgeable at and something that I am just incredibly blessed with the people that are, I now have, uh, I now have access to in, in can call brothers.

[00:41:56] And can call somebody that I truly love like a coach, [00:42:00] Tim Smith, like a Steve Weatherford, like Connor Mead, and like a Tevin Schindler. Like you, like Christian Edwards, like Jack Polak, like all of these guys, all of these women that are within our tribe. And when we do, when you do jump on that side of the fence, I promise you in that.

[00:42:17] And that brings me back to saying buckle up because you're going to be on a gnarly, gnarly roller coaster. But that rollercoaster, my friend is going to take you up to heaven when God calls you home.

[00:42:28]Dave: [00:42:28] Preach it. I love it man. Some, some people need to hear because like, yeah, life wasn't the same. When, when I made that decision and I think the, like you said, the alignment that it brings and it's, it's not just about worldly success because worldly success didn't come when he made that decision to let God into my life.

[00:42:48] And there's, you know, I think there's this expectation that, Oh, it should be without suffering. It should be. And it's it, it promises actually the opposite. But there's going to be suffering regardless of, [00:43:00] you know, regardless of how you're living. And I think there's, you know, being able to accept that, being able to be around other men, other women, other people that can lift you up is the way to get through those things.

[00:43:12] And I think echoing, which said, vulnerability, being able to say like, Hey, I'm going through this. And, and not even having to, you know, for some people there might be some extreme things. That are going on, but it might be something minor. It might be like, yeah. I'm just like, I'm really irritated, um, anxious today and being able to go and talk to someone about that, I think is huge because sometimes I know personally I downplay the small stuff.

[00:43:36] When people are sharing these major things that are going on in their life, I almost downplay the little things. And I think that there's danger in that too of being like, well, my needs aren't important because you know, someone is dealing with this. So I can't, I don't possibly want to burden someone with this.

[00:43:51] You know, with this small thing, but I think you'd agree that those things are just important to be able to bring up

[00:43:58] Trey: [00:43:58] Yeah, absolutely. [00:44:00] And I would, and I would give life experiences. I would, I would, I would answer it in ways of trying my heart or not trying practicing in. And doing and giving the opportunity to truly see the full picture of my ups and my downs throughout my 29 years of life.

[00:44:17] And I know without a shadow of a doubt, all of my downs was when I was in the way of God's will being done. I was, I had the blinders on, I had the blinders on. Something in the secular world, something that was earthly, something that was not what God was calling us to truly focus on. Um, in that was when I found myself at my worst at my bottom.

[00:44:42] Um, uh, such as just, just the pricking, you know, that I've had two breakdowns, I've had two crazy breakdowns that I could pinpoint. One was actually a funny enough dude. It was actually, um, A couple of days before I went on a duck hunting trip with one of my best friends. Um, and it was [00:45:00] after I broke up with my ex-girlfriend, um, at the time back in 2016 and I literally just had a breakdown.

[00:45:10] And the reason being is because how her mother lashed back at me, because she felt like I was just throwing her daughter into the wolves, back into the wolves and which I took that burden. And that wasn't a burden for me to take, uh, reasons being is because God is the one that has full control of all that situation.

[00:45:33] And that was something I was trying my hardest. To, to keep in the circle of, of the relationship. And at times I struggled in, in, and if she came to me and I had to look at her face to face, I'd tell her that and I'd tell her I'm sorry. Um, and I would always push in and push and try to get God into the circle and try to try and make it happen.

[00:45:55] But that was breakdown number one, and sure enough, a couple of days later coming back [00:46:00] home from a, from a duck hunting trip, I find myself in my, in one of my best friends. Uh, we find ourselves in a, in a freak accident where the rear left, axel sheared off the RV and causes to flip multiple times. Um, now with that, It was, it was an earth shaking moment.

[00:46:15] And there was time after my, my rock bottom when I had the breakdown where also I should, I shouldn't be here. This was another God story from this accident. I shouldn't be here. Um, cause what took place? How, how catastrophic it was? Uh, my buddy's in a wheelchair now. It's it's, it's it's insane. And I was driving and by the grace of God, I had my seatbelt on and if I didn't and I would, uh, I'd be dead.

[00:46:40] Um, And really, um, there was maybe some bumps and bruises, and really when you look at it, it wasn't a scratch and there's just so much stuff that worked within that. That was a God story. There was within 45 seconds. We had a Navy medic that had, uh, gloves on his [00:47:00] hands with a full backpack out of nowhere on the five freeway within Kings County.

[00:47:05] California. And the reason why I'm telling you about this is because when I hit my rock bottom, I still didn't fully surrender to God. I still didn't fully. Yes. I had so many people pray around, but there was something that needed to take place in, in, I don't think God, I don't think God put this situation on me.

[00:47:24] However, he used it. He used it after the fact, because that rear left axel sheared it was a freak accident caused whatever thing that happened. But, um, That that allowed me to wake up. It caused me to wake up and see God and say, Oh my gosh, I see how much, how important you are, how important you are to be in my life.

[00:47:50] The second breakdown came just a couple months ago with just how much is going on in this world. I literally just couldn't take it anymore. And I was again, getting in the way of God. I [00:48:00] wasn't allowing God to truly work. And sure enough with, with, uh, with the crazy crew that I got on my corner, they were able to rally up with me and I was able to let myself be vulnerable and let it all pour out.

[00:48:13] And my mom and my aunt will tell you how much it all poured out. Holy moly. Like I was weeping. I was literally weeping in women's arms, my mother and my aunt women's arms. I repeat this men. Women's arms. I was, I was weeping. A grown-ass man was weeping in women's arms because I allowed myself to, I allowed myself to be vulnerable. And then boom, look where we're at now, brother, man. We're out here on a podcast and the lion is out of the cage spiritually. And it's because I've remained in the alignment with God, with the Holy spirit and with Jesus. And brought myself back in that alignment, brought myself back in this group that we're all in now who are all here rocking, [00:49:00] rocking, steady for the big man upstairs.

[00:49:04] Dave: [00:49:04] I think guys need to hear that, that level of vulnerability too, and that it can look different person to person, but. And being able to be able to do that, I think, as is freeing is allows you to be yourself to not, not hold back and in something that I have historically struggled with. It's not like it's a easy thing, you know, I wish it was a matter of being like, Oh yeah, I need to be more vulnerable and just go doing it.

[00:49:26] But it starts with, with little steps and, and that's, uh, You know what I took getting into the, getting into the group and, and I think that's where like, those, those small steps are, are needed just to start to move in that direction again, not needing to see the whole, the whole picture up front.

[00:49:43] Trey: [00:49:43] Nope. Nope. Not needing to see the whole picture up front. And that brings me back to some scripture. That's in my mind, a second Corinthians five seven of walking by faith and not by sight, walking by faith and not by sight Connor Mead hit me with some, uh, with some heart. Oh, great, great vision. [00:50:00] Uh, yesterday of, um, if you think of amaze the maze of life, we know there, we see the beginning.

[00:50:06] We know there's a beginning. We know there's an end. Now it's everything in between. Everything in between is, is, is something that we don't truly, truly get to find out. Um, because we got to go through our days, but this brings me back to that, that scripture, second Corinthians five through seven. You just got to walk by faith and not by sight.

[00:50:25]Dave: [00:50:25] seems like it should be more complicated, but it's not.

[00:50:31] Trey: [00:50:31] It's crazy, man. It's it's everything is just when you look down at it and that's why, um, Chad, Wright. He was so adamant on. On so many ways of, of ways he did answer questions is like, huh. You know, it's, it's kind of a simple answer. And, and the reason being is because it's all written here up in the Bible, but we're the dumb asses here on this earth that make it complicated. And that's the free will. That's, that's our, that's the freewill that we have to con to, to be [00:51:00] dumb asses. And it's just the nature of the beast, but the ones that can, that can live life like Jesus. The ones that can, that can be the Chad Wright's, the ones that could be the Steve Weatherford's the ones that can be the Connor Mead's the ones that could be, um, so many more.

[00:51:17] Those are the people that you start realizing like, Oh wow. They're they're really, uh, they're really, they got this maze figured out. They got this maze of life figured out and you can quickly, and when you allow yourself, and this brings you back to the vulnerability side of things, when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, when you allow yourself to go up to guys that, you know, they're, they're really got that.

[00:51:37] Uh, they really got that maze thing figured out like, Holy cow, I went this way and slammed into this wall, but they went this way and I hear them on the other side saying, Hey, over here, over here, And you. Okay. Cool. I went the wrong way. Let me, let me come back. Let me, let me get back in and do it with you.

[00:51:54] And when again, brings back to alignment, that's when you find yourself walking, [00:52:00] walking through the maze of life, taking territory, because who took territory, you knew Dave who took territory in you. 

[00:52:08] Dave: [00:52:08] God upstairs and a lot of other people that. Where a lot of other people that displayed God too. Sometimes he, uh, he could speak through other people and that's, uh, that's been a big piece of it. Every person that's come through my life and many impactful people.

[00:52:27] Trey: [00:52:27] And that's, that's the Holy spirit right there. That's, that's the Holy spirit rocking and rolling doing what he's doing. And when I say it, I feel the goosebumps in my body. Um, and that's the electricity that's just radiating through me because that's what the Holy spirit does.

[00:52:39] Um, and that's why I'm, that's why I'm willing to give out my phone number again. I say at (909) 268-5294. That's why I'm willing to throw it out there because I know that I can clip in and say, Hey, you know what, man, either I can listen. I could just flat out listen and allow somebody to pull out their vulnerability and know that there's no judgment coming back [00:53:00] at them, or I truly call it in the Holy spirit and say, yo man, come through fam, come through Fill, Fill, Fill presence in, in.

[00:53:11] Either shut up. I shut up and just say, dude, you know what, man, I listened to you. And I'm hearing, I'm hearing it's just time for, for us to be silent for a second and just see what the Holy spirit does and allow that allow the homie, whoever it is. And the other side of the phone borrow that from me or say, yo, Holy spirit.

[00:53:32] Let's let's rock let's all right. What, what do I need to say? What do I need to do to press into this guy? And watch in. And again, it goes back to the, the, the vision that we were just talking about of jumping on the other side of the fence, make sure you bring your buckle because you're going to be in a crazy rollercoaster and it's going to be a fun one, and there's going to be ups and there's going to be downs.

[00:53:52] But again, I'm telling you when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and take the leap, take the leap of faith, and I trust you that water is going to be [00:54:00] deep enough. That man, that rollercoaster is going to take you up to heaven. It's going to take you up to eternity when God calls you home.

[00:54:11] Dave: [00:54:11] Preach it Trey. And I love every bit of that and that I appreciate everything you shared and your, uh, your encouragement to me and, uh, your, your vulnerability and, and those things are, like I said, and for guys listening, it's something I've struggled with. You can tell Trey, maybe struggles a little less than

[00:54:27] Trey: [00:54:27] No, no, no, no, no. I would know. Uh, I'd be the first one to tell you, my friend, there are so many struggles in my life and there will be many struggles moving forward. Um, but again, this brings you back to hitting the nail on the head, bro. Is that. If this is something that Tevin Schindler says, if you allow yourself to be the hammer and not the nail, and when you are slipping a little bit and the struggles start coming along and maybe, you know, you're, you're not that, that strong hammer.

[00:54:53] If you keep yourself in alignment with people like you and me, like the Christian Edwards, all the, all the crew, the crew [00:55:00] that we got, the tribe that we got that's when, you know, we just keep, we just keeping that roller coaster.

[00:55:07] Dave: [00:55:07] yeah, love it. And you, uh, did you still, you stole the thunder ahead of time. One of the, and I didn't prep you for any of this. One of the, a couple of last questions that ask all our guests before we wrap up is, you know, and you've, you've already been open book on a lot of vulnerabilities. I think some of that kind of macro we'll call it macro vulnerabilities over the course of, of your life.

[00:55:26] But you know, people, people can hear your talk and hear the confidence you bring and hear these things. And. It's easy to look from the outside, a former professional athlete, someone who's doing well and be like, man, he's got it all together. When, like you said, we definitely don't, you you'd be the first to admit that you don't, but maybe a less on the macro scale.

[00:55:44] What about on the micro scale to, you know, cause I think it could be encouraging to, to let guys in, like we say, we talk about vulnerability. You've already hammered that home a ton. What from a micro scale, like a day-to-day thing, do you struggle with what, you know, what kind of plagues you? What do you have to work [00:56:00] through?

[00:56:00] What's your, you know, thing that you're working through on a, on a small scale day in day out, because those little things they can, they can wear on us just as much as the big things do.

[00:56:08] Trey: [00:56:08] Yeah, I appreciate that question, brother, man. And I would say 100% is, is the, the remaining of th or keeping my discipline. Um, now with that, um, this actually comes from a discussion that I had with Steve one-on-one a little bit ago. Um, and also listening to Chad Wright, which again, I doubled down on this guys.

[00:56:29] You freaking go and listen to that podcast. Um, Oh man, you go and do it. Um, because there's so much good stuff in there now with that discipline. Um, the reason why I mentioned that is because in my day to day, I am trying to hone in consistency. I am trying to hone in, the ability to wake up at, you know, X amount of time of day, uh, or, or the same time every day.

[00:56:55] And first boom, my eyes open and I get on my knees. [00:57:00] I pour into God, give him my first 10% of my day, give him the first fruits of my day and truly, truly allow him to, to enter in. Load me up with energy. Load me up with passion and load me up with love. Load me up with honor and trust and just be able to take my day, head on it and kick its ass.

[00:57:17] Um, and the reason why I say that is because the reality is brother, man, we have so many distractions in this world. It's insane. We got a phone that's probably sitting right next to everybody's bed. That's sitting on a charger hundred percent charged and ready to go because I, when I wake up, I got 10 emails that are sitting there.

[00:57:37] I maybe got one text message. I got a couple Instagram things. I got all this stuff in, in the way that we're all wired in this world is to instantly go into that. And there's a reason for it. There's a reason for it. And a reason for that is because, you know, the evil is evil is within that. It's trying to distract us away from doing what.

[00:57:59] A lot of people [00:58:00] used to do back in, back in the early 19 hundreds or something, something around those lines because there wasn't any distractions they woke up and they had to go fricking light a candle for light and, and they had an opportunity to be present. To be patient to be deliberate, uh, which are the three pillars that Chad spoke about.

[00:58:20] And which brings you back to the discipline side of things, I've realized that I do have discipline. I do have discipline. I do have, uh, I do have a focus reasons being is because, you know, that's how I was able to become a professional athlete. That's how you were able to become a PT. That's how you were able to do so many great things.

[00:58:41] And we have all that. But what ends up getting in the way is the three pillars that Chad mentioned is being patient, being present and being deliberate. And the fourth little one that is one of the most important ones as well is controlling our rudders. [00:59:00] And I'm not stealing Chad's thunder, but the reason why I'm I'm throwing this out there is because it hit home on me.

[00:59:06] So, so much. Because I've realized, Oh, if I focus on those three things, then my discipline, then my focus that I know I have deep down inside, that's going to take place. And so, again, to just double down on answering your question, it is on the day to day it's, it is on the small things in the small things, set you up to achieve the big.

[00:59:29] Um, and the small things such as waking up at the same time, everyday being consistent, pressing into God on the first, first seconds of your day, right? When your eyes open, you see in my Slack, I'm in my Slack daily champion of right when my eyes open, it's getting into God. And, and I will tell you right now this morning, I had a little bit of a struggle in it.

[00:59:49] I still prayed in the morning and I still, I still pressed into God. I did my breathing, but when I got on the toilet and I had the phone in my hand, unfortunately, Instagram opened up [01:00:00] and it's something that I'm aware of. And it's something that I'm trying to hone in, in, in, in conquer, in, in be the true conqueror of however, I know my best days.

[01:00:10] Since I've joined the tribe. My best days in these last few, I would say weeks. And in a couple of months has been when I'm consistently open first, second pressed into God, I'm rocking and rolling. I can rock steady. And I know that day is going to, it's going to get its ass kicked and it's going to get his ass kicked hard, real hard.

[01:00:32]Dave: [01:00:32] I appreciate that. Yeah. And that's a, that's a good reminder for, for people to know that you don't, you're not going to be perfect. There's going to be days that are our struggles. There's going to be days where you're pulled back into wherever that temptation is, but that's to recap that surround yourself with the right, the right crew, the right people, if you don't have the right crew, You got one that offered up some help right here, Trey Mitchell.

[01:00:54] So surround youtself with the right crew, you know, seeking, help, being vulnerable, being able to stay disciplined, [01:01:00] find what those, you know, we call non-negotiables are that, are there that no matter what, this is what you're doing tomorrow, and those can be constant day-to-day there should be some that carry over day to day, the most, the most important things.

[01:01:10] But yeah. Doing that the night before or morning of whenever works for you is, is setting aside like, okay, what, no matter what am I going to get done? And it doesn't have to be, uh, I want to reiterate it. Doesn't have to be some grand thing. Like you said, as well, Trey it's, it's like these little things day in, day out, it could be, you know, it could be something as simple as not check social media until noon or something like it doesn't have to be a super.

[01:01:35] Know, 180 degree turn and big step. Just make these little steps, these things that are going against what you want to do against what, the things that have gotten you to where you are and be like, what would my, what would it look like if I, if I wanted to go this way and whatever in my life and start to just build up the habits to do that.

[01:01:53] Trey: [01:01:53] Yeah, and I would, and I would actually add two more things, which, which I think is important to get across here. And this is something that, [01:02:00] um, the, the tribe that we're within, um, was Steve and Rylee and Scott Anderson and Connor, um, and, and, uh, everybody else in between, um, is. My emotions. I, I do, I do allow my emotions to get the best of me.

[01:02:15] Um, and that's in that is the reason why, um, I have not achieved certain things that I feel like I should have achieved already. Um, however, I know now being cognizant and aware of how important it is to what Rylee says of setting our, our, our thermostat. Uh, being the ones that set our thermostat, not, not waking up and seeing it's a cold day and being like, ah, you know, it's a cold day and sleep or whatever.

[01:02:39] Nah, homie, I'm waking up. It might be 20 degrees outside, but my thermostat says a hundred. I'm going to wake up and I'm going to go at it. And there's been times, um, in the last, uh, last few, last few weeks and I think this is, this is evil, trying to try to grasp in and, and hold me back from, from doing what I'm doing and, and allowing my breakthroughs to truly come through.

[01:03:00] [01:03:00] Is there are times where I feel at random that I get tired. Um, and I literally need to take a nap. Um, In in I'm 29 years old. I'm single. I don't have kids. I don't have anything of that. There is no excuse why I should be tired. Like what? Like there's no excuse for it, but because I haven't set my thermostat because I haven't truly been the, I haven't truly taken dominion over my emotions, which I'm I am working on and I am trying to, or not trying, I am practicing and I am, and I'm hammering in on that.

[01:03:34] When I can control those emotions. That's when I know without a shadow of a doubt, I am going to achieve great things. Holy moly. I'm going to achieve great things. Um, now this is a little bit of my ADHD in here and I forgot what the second one was, but yeah, the biggest one is emotion. Um, some of that is, is just it's.

[01:03:53] It's so important to control that emotion. Um, and if the second one comes back to me in closing, I'll, I'll circle back to it, but. [01:04:00] Uh, that one just completely left the window.

[01:04:03] Dave: [01:04:03] well, it's an important, it's an important first one, at least that the most important one was, was said and it'll, uh, It'll come back or I want, but

[01:04:10] Trey: [01:04:10] Yeah. Maybe, maybe, maybe that, that gives people the chance to call me a doll. I'll maybe forget that. I'll remember the second one and bring it back.

[01:04:17] Dave: [01:04:17] Yeah. If you really want to know the second one hit Trey up and he'll maybe he'll think of it by the time this, uh, this goes live. That's awesome. Well, sweet man has been a blast. One more hypothetical question. All the guests, all the guests, get it. So hypothetical scenario, you're leaving your favorite coffee shop in town.

[01:04:33] You bump into younger Trey, 10 years back. So 19 year old Trey, and he's looking for some life advice, need some guidance comes to you just looking for questions. You got a full day with you meeting up with other people. Can't miss it. You only got 60 seconds to talk with him.

[01:04:49] Trey: [01:04:49] you made me, you made me remember the second one. The second one was, this will be quick. The second one was kicking the can down the road. Kicking the can down the road when you fail. [01:05:00] So I've had an issue in, in this is actually before I joined the tribe, I've had an issue that when I got off track, I said, all right, crap.

[01:05:12] And I let the day go by when you get off of track, pick the pieces up, get back on track. That's something that I've struggled in many, many times. And that's something that I would appreciate anybody that hears that within the tribe or you, everybody is keeping me accountable in that is when we do fail.

[01:05:33] When we do, you know, for lack of better words, have pieces or the cookie crumbles, not the way we want it to it is, um, knowing that it's all good. Give it to God. Whatever you need to do, slap your face. A couple of times, go jump in a cold water or something like that, but pick the pieces back up and get back on track.

[01:05:55] I have struggled and failed in that many times in my life that something bad [01:06:00] happened in the day and I just kind of soak in it and I dwell in it and I get off track. Or my diet, for instance, uh, I I'm doing good now, but before there has been times when I get into my diet, because I'm not an athlete anymore.

[01:06:12] I actually do have to watch my body because my abs can disappear. It's kind of crazy. It's like, what the hell? But, um, it's like, Oh crap. I screwed up on Wednesday. Okay. And then I allow it to go, okay, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I'm going to sulk. And then Monday started back up again now. Sorry to get back on track right away.

[01:06:32] That's something that I definitely have struggled with and something that I challenged me in to stay cognizant of. And I apologize because I came right back through the window and I thought that was so important to him.

[01:06:41] Dave: [01:06:41] Yeah, glad you hit on it and start, yeah, start now. I think that's a huge thing. It's easy to look and be like, Oh, well, even look at 2020 is almost over. So I might as well just eat. I'll get a fresh start the new year. It's like any, any day, any minute, any second, you have the opportunity to make a decision to make that change.

[01:06:57] So I appreciate you sharing that, but it's still, [01:07:00] it's still passed to you for the last hypothetical scenario. So 60 seconds for advice, life advice, I didn't see a younger Trey, 19 year old tray. What are you saying to them?

[01:07:13]Trey: [01:07:13] Two words. Holy Bible. That's it. That is it.

[01:07:25] Dave: [01:07:25] Would Trey get the message loud and clear.

[01:07:27] Trey: [01:07:27] That Trey, Trey would get the message loud and clear in, in if I sought that Trey going away from it and not diving into it. God helped him. I'd rip his ass right back. I'd say the Holy Bible. And, and I would w I would, I would add into it. Holy spirit too, for sure. For sure. For freaking sure. Literally just acknowledging it for what it is in the power that it's got and allowing it to come inside of you and [01:08:00] take territory, because when it does, I'm telling you right now, ladies and gentlemen, we will be taking territory on this earth.

[01:08:07] Dave: [01:08:07] love it. Brother. Do appreciate every second of this. Appreciate you coming on. You already gave your number out. If you, with permission, I'll put that in the show notes, any place, any

[01:08:16] Trey: [01:08:16] absolutely. Absolutely.

[01:08:17] Dave: [01:08:17] you? Any Instagram, Facebook are you

[01:08:18] Trey: [01:08:18] Yeah. Instagram, Trey, Trey S 4g on Instagram. Um, that is a, yeah, Trey S 4g and then Twitter. I'm not very active on there. Um, in Facebook, I'm not either Facebook kind of got a little uncontrollable, but Instagram by all means reach out to me DM. Uh, my cell phone, (919) 268-5294.

[01:08:38] Give me a call, shoot me a text. I'm always down at chitchat. Um, I do have a focus of my business where I do have to be very honed in on that. Um, however, I will do my best without a shadow of a doubt to answer the calls, uh, reply in any text messages that I can and, and ultimately be vulnerable for other people and allow people to be vulnerable with me.

[01:08:58] Um, and know that [01:09:00] it's a safe place because. I'm here. I'm in alignment with God. I'm in alignment with Holy spirit. I'm in alignment with Jesus and I'm in alignment with amazing men. Like you.

[01:09:09] Dave: [01:09:09] appreciate that Trey and you've helped. You've helped drop it. And you've helped me a lot with this already. So like, I, I encourage people to whether it's, whether it's Dre, whether it's someone else in your life you can find and take, take advantage of it. Cause it's, it's powerful to be able to. You know, have that where other guys are pouring into you, like you said, being able to borrow faith, being able to borrow, you know, just a listening ear, uh, some wisdom, some things that people can, can pour into you with.

[01:09:32] Yeah.

[01:09:33] Trey: [01:09:33] amen. Amen, brother, man. Well, dude, I appreciate this. And, um, yeah, with, without, uh, without further ado, uh, how about you, man? You, you close us out in prayer.

[01:09:43] Dave: [01:09:43] Yeah, let's do it. I will thank you for this time, Lord, we thank you for Trey. We thank you for him sharing his wisdom, his passions, his experiences for anyone listening and, uh, Lord, we just, we pray for anyone listening, Lord. Wherever they're at wherever they're at today that [01:10:00] they, uh, take, take one step in wherever, wherever they feel pulled to Lord, whether that's a seeking out a friend seeking out, uh, giving encouragement, needing to receive encouragement.

[01:10:10] Lord, we just pray that you be there for them and that you help them to have the courage to. I'd take that next step. And Lord., just move, move one step closer to you, Lord. If there are anything like I was 10 years ago, even six years ago, Lord. And,

[01:10:25] Trey: [01:10:25] Come on

[01:10:25] Dave. Come

[01:10:26] Dave: [01:10:26] not knowing you, not knowing what that relationship even looks like.

[01:10:30] I would give them the comfort that they don't have to see the entire picture, but I love that you are there for them, that you are waiting, that you are wanting relationship with them. And. Uh, Lord, once that happens or we will all rejoice and we will, uh, just, uh, I'll have him praises Lord. And we just thank you for this platform to be able to share we thank you for a mighty men like Trey and the rest of the people out there that are just working for your kingdom Lord.

[01:10:55] And, um, We want, we want everyone to be a part of it. So, uh, Lord, we thank you for [01:11:00] this time, Lord, we thank you for, uh, this podcast. We thank you for every person listening. This might be the longest podcast we recorded. So for anyone

[01:11:07] Trey: [01:11:07] I'm sorry. 

[01:11:08] Dave: [01:11:08] thank you. We praise you and Jesus. We lift this up in your name.

[01:11:12] Amen.

[01:11:14] Trey: [01:11:14] Amen brother. How long was it? I'm sorry,

[01:11:17] Dave: [01:11:17] Yeah, don't be sorry. I don't have time when it's on this. I just, we let it roll.

[01:11:21] Trey: [01:11:21] it flow. All right.

[01:11:23] Dave: [01:11:23] I didn't, I didn't say that in a bad, I don't want you to think that's in a bad way. So for people I'm just, I'm just giving credits that people still listening where, uh, I don't know what time we're running on right now, but for the people still listening, we love you.

[01:11:33] And we, thanks for listening in anything you want to end with your Trey.

[01:11:37] Trey: [01:11:37] We love everybody, man. We love you guys. There's nothing but love. And I apologize. This was my first podcast. So bear with us maybe.

[01:11:45] Dave: [01:11:45] I love it. Hey, people, people will take what they need to get from it. So appreciate you sharing a tray, man. It's been a blast and, uh, thanks for sharing it with the listeners.

[01:11:53] Trey: [01:11:53] Yeah. Much love dude. Thank you.

[01:11:54]Dave: [01:11:54] 

[01:11:54] Thanks so much for listening to today's episode of the Men Made [01:12:00] For More podcast, hope you found today's show valuable, and you have some actionable strategies you can apply to your life today. This is your first time listening. Thanks for being here. The aim of this podcast is to provide a ton of the best possible content to help you grow in your journey, to becoming the best version of yourself.

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