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Men Made For More Podcast Episode 57: The Mental and Physical Benefits of Steady State Cardio

fitness Sep 16, 2020

Steady state cardio, or Low Intensity Steady State (LISS), is popular for those trying to tap into fat stores and improve body composition. However, the benefits go far beyond just the physical improvements that you’ll see.  Listen up today to learn how to properly incorporate this style of cardio into your routine, and all the benefits that come along with it - both physically and mentally.

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Men Made For More Ep 57: The Mental and Physical Benefits of Steady State Cardio

[00:00:00] Dave: Welcome to the Men Made For More podcast, a show designed by men for men. Looking to get strong, feel confident and live a high performing life. As men. We face many challenges as we try and strive for better life. Want to live a meaningful and confident life, but don't know where to start. You've lost your physical and mental edge.

[00:00:18] That's keeping you from living out your full potential. You're tired of talking about doing big things and you're ready to start living it. But the men made for more podcast. Our goal is to teach you how to strengthen your body, your mind, and your purpose. On your way to reaching your full potential.

[00:00:34] It's time to start living as a man. You know, you can be to help lift up those that matter most in your life. In this podcast, we'll leave no stone unturned as to what it takes to get out of your comfort zone and step into living a strong, competent, and high-performing life. We'll focus on the topics that matter most for helping you develop into the man you were made to be, and our goal is to not only build strong men physically, but to help coach and develop strong friends, sons, brothers, fathers, isn't [00:01:00] owners, and professionals in every area of your life.

[00:01:03] I'm your host, Dr. Dave Paczkowski, proud husband, business owner, physical therapist and strength coach with a passion for helping other men strengthen their body, their mind, and their purpose, wherever you're at in your journey. Remember that you're made for more. I'm excited to have you with us today and let's dive into today's episode of the Men Made For More podcast.

[00:01:24] Hey guys, welcome to today's show talking about steady state cardio the physical and mental benefits around steady state cardio. So steady state cardio or commonly known as low intensity steady state abbreviated. You'll see a lot as L I S S is popular for those trying to tap into fat stores and improve body composition.

[00:01:47] However the benefits go far back and just the physical improvements that you'll see with something like this. So listen up today's show to learn how to properly incorporate this style of cardio into your routine and all the benefits that come along with it. Both physically and [00:02:00] mentally steady state cardio, or like I said, LISS, L- I -S -S is basically just long, slow and steady cardio activity.

[00:02:08] This is typically done through walking stairs, rowing, biking, or other similar cardio machines. This is not interval training or high intensity activity. It's meant to be done at a much lower heart rate than people tend to think in the heart rate ranges that I tend to see on the high end is 65 to 75% recommended, but usually it's much lower than that for a lot of the people with the benefits that they're after.

[00:02:33] Now most people either don't implement steady state cardio enough into their routine, or they don't do it correctly. And when they fall into this, you're failing to get that full benefits out of it. And there's physical benefits and there's mental benefits. So we're going to talk about today and I want to talk about the benefits of steady state cardio.

[00:02:54] As well as the mistakes that people tend to make and how to avoid some of those things. And I get that this isn't the [00:03:00] most exciting style of exercise. This isn't a, it's not, it's not anything heroic or flashy, and that's why most people fail to consistently do it. However, it can have amazing physical, mental benefits.

[00:03:11] If you're willing to try, incorporate this into your routine, I've had several clients I've worked with. They've seen great physical benefits and. Especially when it comes to lean up and burning some excess fat. And this was something that we added in without changing anything else at times. So this is something that I know has seen some good results from the people that have tried it.

[00:03:34] So adding in something like facet, walking, growing, hiking, biking at low intervals for 30 to 60 minutes. And when this was done properly with good nutrition, helped many clients get over the hump of reaching new levels of fat loss, new levels of getting leaner. And this is because when you, especially in a facet state, if you have other good nutrition in this low steady state is where we really start [00:04:00] to tap into fat burning stores.

[00:04:01] It's not in the higher end intensities. It's not in those longer. Metcon group style, CrossFit workouts that you're really tapping into fat stores. Now it's not to say that those aren't valuable. You get a lot of other added benefits. You get a lot of other added hormonal benefits and calorie burning benefits with things like that.

[00:04:22] But in terms of truly getting into our fat stores, it's this steady state cardio done a fast and state with other good nutrition that can really help to burn away some excess fat. And another thing to note those on top of the physical benefits. And when I started doing this myself, I started realize the mental benefits that are associated with this more and more, the more I got into it.

[00:04:45] And the more I talked to other clients that were doing it, we all noticed the same thing. There's things such as improved, clarity, less stress, improve recovery, problem-solving improve, focus and energy. Uh, some of these things like problem solving, for example, [00:05:00] When I'm having a lot wrapped up in my head, whether that's personally with work with other things, Taking my mind off it through some low steady cardio type activity can really help me break through some of those things that I'm trying to solve inside my head, which is usually not the best place to solve them.

[00:05:17] I noticed in talking to other people to notice better energy throughout the day. Better focus, better recovery. Seeing this one worked into a recovery day is a better alternative than simply just sitting on the couch. So it helps with, uh, there's some other physical benefits to helping you recover, flushing out toxins, things that you need to be getting rid of.

[00:05:38] So if you are interested in doing this, how do you begin to implement this and what are some kind of mistakes you should watch out for? So the implementation side of it, it's actually pretty simple and just choose. Choosing some of the following things decide what time works for you? Well, it can be done at right.

[00:05:54] Anytime your most physical benefits will happen when it's performed in a facet state. And that's [00:06:00] because you're not relying on the foods, you've consumed to be the energy for the workout. So that's why when done fasted, you can actually get into the fat stores because, uh, because you're relying on your body's own energy versus food that you had maybe a couple hours previously, And if this isn't possible, if your schedule don't let this stop you from getting started and you'll still see benefits from it, not if you are trying to maximize those physical benefits, consider trying this after, after a harder training session, if you're looking to maximize these things.

[00:06:32] So think if you having before and you do a hard high intensity Sal workout, and then you do a little steady state cardio after you could mimic some of those, those facet benefits to some degree. This also works well on days that you're not doing other trainings. So we talked about earlier, it's going to be great for recovery, although it can be you performed before or after training.

[00:06:54] I liked doing this personally on days that I'm not working out, get out for a long walk. Uh, you can, if [00:07:00] you like going to the gym, get on a cardio machine, but definitely not necessary, like getting out in nature for this. You get some, two for one benefits with that, but I like this as kind of an active recovery type of day.

[00:07:10] So next, you need to figure out what type, and this is really up to you. It should be something that you enjoy and that can keep you in your target heart rate zone, which to simplify it, we'll call it 40 to 60% of your max heart rate. So quick little tangent here on how to calculate your max heart rate.

[00:07:27] Uh, generally speaking, the formula is 220 minus your age. So if you're 30 years old, your max heart rate would be two 20 minus 30 would be one 90. And I probably made the math harder. Let's say you're 20 years old. And so then it would be two 20 minus 20 would put you at 200 and then you can multiply that by 0.4 and 0.6 to find your low and high ranges.

[00:07:52] So in the case of someone with a max heart rate of 200, that would be between 80 and between [00:08:00] 120, check my math. I hope I'm not wrong with that. I tried making the math easy, but 80 to 120 is really not as high as people think. So if you're an avid runner that logs a lot of miles, you might be able to get away with something like low and slow running.

[00:08:13] But for most people, this is too intense and will actually bump you out of that target range for most people that go and take a, take a look, even a light jog. If you track your heart rate, I bet your above. So saying that example, your 120 range. Or whatever that tap range is for you. It's easy to get above that.

[00:08:29] And then you're starting to lose the benefits because you're using different energy stores and different systems that aren't maybe as effective for what you're trying to get out of it. So some popular activities that people like to use would be walking. You can do some incline walking or Hills. If you know, a little more of a challenge to get your heart rate up climbing up and down stairs works good at a slow, slow rate.

[00:08:50] Uh, biking rowing can be other good options. So asking you to figure out how often, and again, there's no magic number and it depends on other [00:09:00] factors of how much you're training, but generally speaking aim to start with one to two times a weekly and adjust as you need to. So that being said, once you decide how to do it, when to do it, what are some common mistakes that you need to be aware of that you need to avoid?

[00:09:16] So I already touched on already, actually not getting into too high of an intensity. This is something we see all the time that people think they're doing low, steady state cardio and their heart rates up around one 41 50. That's good for cardiovascular benefits. And there's definitely benefits across all these things, but for the sake of steady state cardio, for trying to get these physical benefits that we're after you can't have the intensity too high.

[00:09:43] If you're having a hard time having a conversation without feeling a little light of breath, it's probably too high of an intensity. Another mistake people make is trying to do it to burn calories. The purpose of this is hormonal. You're trying to get into your fat burning stores, but you're not trying [00:10:00] to just burn calories to be able to eat more calories.

[00:10:02] You're not trying to look at it. Treadmill that says you burn 250 calories. So now that's the reason that you're seeing more benefits. Now this is more hormonal in nature. This is more digging into those fat stores and. Think of it more from the backend processes of your body, more so than it, a calories in calories out equation.

[00:10:22] Another mistake is not doing it right? Whether that's, whether this is not, I mean, it consistently enough, you physically wants to see the benefits. And you also mentally wants you to benefits that we talked about earlier, better energy, stress, clarity. If you're only doing this sporadically, if you're not doing it consistently enough, it might be seen as boring.

[00:10:43] It might be seen as you might take longer to get into those. Those mental benefits. When we talk things like meditation, meditation, isn't something you do once. And then all of a sudden you're like, Oh, I'm completely at peace. It's something that takes time. And those medical benefits will as well. [00:11:00] And just for reference, I want to say it took me, you know, once I started doing it consistently, it probably took me a couple months of doing it once a weekly, before starting to settle into a little would have a better rhythm last mistake to avoid.

[00:11:14] Ditch the distractions. So don't, don't jump on a cardio machine and turn on ESPN and start watching that, that defeats the purpose of all those mental benefits. You're not doing this to try and check out. You're actually doing this to try and get rid of some of that stress to actually process what you're thinking of to use it as.

[00:11:32] Meditation things that I don't know, like the formal meditation. And if you listen to the podcasts zero last week or two weeks ago, talked about how training can be meditation. So dish the TV dish to the distraction. That's okay, too, if you're listening to, if you want to use that time to listen to audio book or a podcast or something like that, that's okay.

[00:11:52] But at time try doing it without it to try just getting into your own thoughts. And of course, much of listen to this podcast and put that, [00:12:00] put that on, repeat and keep, keep it going. But, uh, all jokes aside, don't, don't fall into distraction. You're not trying to do this to tune out and it's not another box to check.

[00:12:10] This is something that you want to be in tune with and doing intentionally. So to wrap things up the steady state, cardio, this can be an incredible tool incorporate into routine that can bring both physical results and mental benefits as well. And it's not necessarily for anyone's routine. Don't feel like if you don't have the time to do this, if you're already stretched thin, this is something you have to do is something that's necessary to get to that next level.

[00:12:35] You'll notice with all of these. Podcast episodes with all these ideas. These are all the little, little changes that over time and when a cumulative with all the other changes, it makes such a big difference. None, no one of these episodes. And no one of these strategies is going to get you all the way, the next level.

[00:12:53] There's no secret. You're gonna hear in one of these things that you haven't heard before, it's just being aware of all these little benefits that add up over time. [00:13:00] And this can be one of those things that can provide the extra edge to you. So physical, mentally getting that progress that can be well worth the time that it takes to spend the 30 or maybe 60 minutes to do this once a week.

[00:13:13] So if your goal is leaning up some more dropping fat or improving mental clarity, energy, performance, better managing stress, and this is some low hanging fruit that can be easily accessed in your routine. So that's all I got for you today, guys. Thanks for listening. If you did find it helpful as always, I'd love to hear from you.

[00:13:30] Shoot me an email, my emails, right in the show notes there and message me on Instagram. I owe strength performance to let me know of any topics that you either found helpful or that you want to see more of. Can I appreciate you guys. I hope this was helpful. Hope you guys have an awesome rest of the day and I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.

[00:13:48]Thanks so much for listening to today's episode of the manmade for more podcasts, hope you found today's show valuable and you have some actionable strategies you can apply to your life today. [00:14:00] This is your first time listening. Thanks for being here. The aim of this podcast is to provide a ton of the best possible content to help you grow in your journey, to becoming the best version of yourself.

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[00:14:45] Keep challenging yourself growing and know that it's okay to get out of your comfort zone and know that you're made for more. Thanks for listening and see you guys soon.

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