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Men Made For More Episode 135: Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Finding Purpose in the Pain with Austin Heiland

guestepisode Mar 18, 2021

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Men Made For More Podcast Episode 135: Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Finding Purpose in the Pain with Austin Heiland

How do you respond when life throws you one of the biggest challenges you’ve ever faced? For our guest today, he was dealt a challenge that drove him to anxiety, depression, and near suicide. Learn how he was able to find hope through the suffering to not only change his own life, but to provide hope on his way to changing the lives of so many others.

Connect with Austin by texting him at  (760) 405-7999 or on Instagram @austinheiland

[00:00:00] Dave: Hey there mighty man. I'm your host, Dr. Dave Paczkowski founder of man-made for more coaching, our business helps husbands level up their life. Their leadership and their legacy in marriage and in business. The purpose of this podcast is to bring together like-minded men that feel destined for big things in their life to provide you the resources and community that you need to lead yourself, your family and your business.

[00:00:26] If you've ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, or alone on your journey to a better and more purposeful life, you're in the right spot. You weren't designed to be average. So it's time to quit living that way today. I'm giving you permission to unlock your true potential and step into all that you were made for.

[00:00:45]All right guys, welcome to the men made from More podcast guest episode today. Hey, with a good friend of mine, and I'm excited to have, uh, Austin Heiland on here to share his story. Uh, just extremely powerful story coming your way today. So Austin, thanks for joining today, [00:01:00] man.

[00:01:00] Austin: [00:01:00] what is update? How's it going

[00:01:02] Dave: [00:01:02] Good man. Now excited to have you on here and, uh, just excited for you to, to share, share the story.

[00:01:08] I know you've kinda started sharing it already on other, other podcasts and, and other platforms. And, uh, just, um, I'm honored to have you on here to share with our listeners. So before we, you know, before we get into the good stuff, why don't you just, uh, You'll give it a 62nd overview of, you know, someone jumped on an elevator with you and, uh, you had 60 seconds to talk with them, kind of who are you?

[00:01:27] What, you're, what you're up to right now. And what are you excited about?

[00:01:31] Austin: [00:01:31] Is, um, Austin Heiland um, I live in, uh, like San Diego, California. I actually own. Two insurance agencies, um, in Temecula, California, which I love. And I'm super passionate about that because I went from working at Coca Cola, selling, you know, sugary, soft drinks to people, at least selling something that, uh, people actually need.

[00:01:50] And it is, it, it is a necessity in life and yeah, but my real, uh, main kind of goal now like on this earth is, you know, I really want to help inspire, motivate, [00:02:00] um, other men and women going through seasons of suffering, whether it's depression, anxiety, uh, chronic pain and so forth. I want to be a voice of reason for them.

[00:02:07] Dave: [00:02:07] Hmm, man. So good. I'm, uh, I'm excited to see that, you know, I've already seen the, the early stage of that progress and I know there's, there's just so much more of that to, uh, to come. So, uh, let's get into, you know, I want to kind of break down your story a little bit too, if we start, you know, before, uh, and we'll get into the CSF leak, et cetera, you know, eventually, uh, debilitated you in a lot of ways, but can you, can you just paint a picture of life, you know, Before, all those before other setbacks, before those things of what that looked like and what you're up to.

[00:02:36] Austin: [00:02:36] Yeah. So, you know, last year, 2020. So like, uh, you know, like, I mean, I know a lot of people, you know, had a rough 20, 20, and a lot of people died, lost family members, you know, friends and so forth. But my 2020, um, you know, it started out amazing, uh, February 1st, um, I bought two. Uh, farmers insurance agencies, and to make you a California, um, you know, my relationship with my now [00:03:00] fiance, it was amazing.

[00:03:00] I was planning on proposing to her. I was in some of the, uh, the best shape of my life. I thought I was stronger than I've ever been. I literally thought, like I had everything, like, have you told me like my life, like, I would say, you know, it was, it was perfect, honestly. And like, I, you know, I even started to, uh, get some one-on-one coaching with someone, you know?

[00:03:19] Well, uh, as well as Steve Weatherford and it was just like, I was on cloud nine, like I bet. And I've kind of, you know, I grew up my whole life, like a Christian household, but I never really kind of had that relationship with God. I kind of like. Laughed at like organized religion to be completely honest with you.

[00:03:37] And it just never really appealed to me because, you know, my kind of view of just like the khaki wearing Christians that like, this is not someone I wanted, you know, to be

[00:03:48] Dave: [00:03:48] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And that's, uh, you know, that's, , we've run into the same, you know, with, with our backgrounds. I know similar, similar beliefs with that have actually like turned off from, from some of those more, uh, [00:04:00] more organized sides of, of religion, but why don't you, you know, but before getting into some more of that, like what, what happened then?

[00:04:06] So life was going, I was going so well, things were great. Things were just move in. What, uh, you know, what, what changed in 2020.

[00:04:15] Austin: [00:04:15] Yeah, so, I mean, so here's kind of just what happened and here's kind of my story and I'm, I'm sorry if I speak fast or anything like that, but just know it's, it's all for passion. It's just, uh, I'm just excited. Kind of just share my testimony with everyone. So. Yeah. About around June, um, 2000. Yeah, 20, like maybe like June 1st, I started getting like these like insane, uh, headaches, um, you know, basically just like the intense, like, uh, this like intense.

[00:04:44] Like pressure. I was throwing up every day and, uh, I, I'm just going to read the definition of a cerebral spinal fluid, uh, what it is just so I can give the listeners a better understanding. So cerebral spinal fluid is a clear fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. It cushions the brain and [00:05:00] spinal cord from injury and also serves as a nutrient delivery and waste removal system for the brain.

[00:05:06] And a leak occurs when the CSF escapes through a small terror hole in the outermost layer of connective issue called the dura matter that surrounds the brain and spinal cord and holds in the CX stuff. And the symptoms of this. And I literally had every one of these symptoms is positional headaches. So these headaches would only go away when I would lay down.

[00:05:27] Um, so I mean, like, you know, basically, you know, I went from working out seven days a week to barely being able to get out of bed, uh, nausea and vomiting, throwing up every single day, uh, neck pain and stiffness changing hearing. Uh, my ears were like really full. It was like hard to hear, uh, Neck pain, uh, pain and shoulder blades.

[00:05:45] And then just, uh, yeah, but like that, you know, that pain was absolutely horrible and like, it was the worst pain, you know, you could ever imagine, but what came from that pain like chronic pain and anyone who deals with chronic pain probably knows a little bit about this [00:06:00] was the depression that came on from that.

[00:06:03] Because like I said, like I went from, you know, like a very high energy person doing, you know, I, I played basketball, I play softball. Uh, I golf all the time. I worked out seven days a week and it just like, it just messed with me because all of a sudden, all of my, you know, like stress relievers, uh, which has gone and taken away from me and like athletics has always been a way kind of how I, um, identified.

[00:06:30] So. It just really messed with me. And I think like now looking back at it, I realized like the reason, like, it really bothered me so much is because my whole life, like whenever I wanted to achieve anything, you know, whenever I want to do something, whether it's athletics, academics, business, I set my mind to it and I outwork people.

[00:06:48] That's what I've always prided myself in, but all of a sudden my life wasn't in my hands anymore. And it was, it was in God's hands. And I didn't realize that at the time, but it just took me down the [00:07:00] darkest, deepest, darkest depression you can ever imagine. Um, you know, I ended up having, um, seven procedures on my spine, uh, last year and, um, You know, like, and once you get one of these like, uh, procedures, they call them epidural blood patches.

[00:07:15] You're literally not able to lift five more than five pounds or twists. So you can imagine how like five pounds is like nothing like, so, yeah. Yeah. So I, I winded up, I seen like the top, um, neurosurgeon basically almost in us for this type of, uh, cerebral spinal fluid leak, just because there's, you know, uh, not a lot of doctors know too much about it.

[00:07:37] Like, I, I literally know more than 95% of doctors regarding cerebral spinal fluid leaks because they just think it's something that happens to, um, you know, like pregnant women after they get an epidural, you know, when they deliver a baby, but for me, mine was caused, uh, spontaneously. Yeah. So I go to this guy, um, you know, first of all, the, the bedside manner is not there.

[00:07:58] He just, it felt [00:08:00] like, you know, just a business to him, like how many people can we see today? Not really trying to get to the root of the problem. And like, basically we did a procedure, it didn't work. Um, and I'm still in so much pain and I'm like, you know, depressing. I'm like, it didn't work. I'm just over it.

[00:08:15] And he, uh, the, his assistant basically told my mom like, yeah, you know what, Austin just might have. Um, I think he just might have headaches. Maybe it's just a mental thing for him. So onto the next doctor, we ended up seeing three other doctors before I found, um, Dr. Malik in San Jose and yeah. And, uh, you know, like, so after that fit procedure didn't work.

[00:08:38] It just put me down to the deepest, darkest depression. Um, you know, I was suicidal. I wanted it all to end just because. I just didn't think I was going to be able to get out of it. And like, I've never been a depressed person at all, you know, ever in my life. I'm very up. I'm very positive. But like, I remember I was on Google one day and I'm like looking up signs of depression and here's some of the signs of [00:09:00] depression.

[00:09:00] And I literally felt like all of this, like, this is what I realized. Like I was depressed feeling of sadness. Your phone is. Emptiness or hopelessness, angry outburst or abilities or frustrations, um, loss of interest or pleasure and most are normal activities such as sex, hobbies, or sports tiredness, and lack of energy.

[00:09:18] Even with such a small task, um, anxiety, agitation, and restlessness feelings of worth. Worthlessness or guilt fixating on past failures, there's plain, uh, frequent recurrent thoughts of death to suicide, thoughts, suicide attempts or suicide. Um, and that's just, when I just like, it just hit me and like, you know, like I said, I never had a relationship, um, with God at all.

[00:09:42] Um, I just, you know, I, like I said, I grew up in a Christian household, but I never had that relationship. Well, after that fifth procedure, you know, didn't work. I was at rock bottom, like rock bottom.

[00:09:52] Dave: [00:09:52] I want to, before we get into, you know, the one question I had too, as you were talking, what, uh, you know, with the depression. Cause I wanna dive [00:10:00] deeper on that. Like what. So this thing came on with no, like no onset, no like warning sign, it just kind of hit you. Like what, what was it like, what were you wrestling through?

[00:10:09] Were you like, were you angry at, at, you know, the world or at God for why was this happening? Was it, did you just withdraw or like what, what were you

[00:10:17] Austin: [00:10:17] Oh, I just went, I just went through like, With dealing everyday with that headache, with that throwing up, it just, uh, you know, it made me angry at the world. Like I was mad at God. I was mad at everybody. I was just like my life, you know, like when you, when you go through something like this, you, uh, you know, you develop type of like a victim mentality.

[00:10:34] And is it just like every, uh, you know, like, it's just like, Oh no one has it worse than me. Like, I'm the only one suffering this bad. I remember telling my mom and dad multiple times, like, you know, like I would rather like if these things went away, like I would be fine if they just like cut off, like one of my like arms or whatever.

[00:10:48] Like I was just like, that's how bad I wanted these headaches. And like, I just wanted it, um, you know, all to come to an end.

[00:10:54] Dave: [00:10:54] And what, uh, you know, Y when, when the doc told you about that, the, uh, you know, maybe it's just all [00:11:00] in your head, like what, why is that? You know, and you were, I think you had an, a enough of a support system with maybe your parents, your family, to be able to say like, Hey, uh, you know, let's, let's go find a different doc, but what about, you know, a lot of people look up to doctors and what, what's the danger of someone saying, like someone, a doctor, someone they look up to you saying like, Hey, maybe it's just all new.

[00:11:18] It's just all in your head, Austin.

[00:11:20] Austin: [00:11:20] Um, so here's the problem I have, like with the, uh, the whole, like there's amazing doctors out there. Of course there are. Um, but I think the problem is with a lot of doctors, um, Sorry, um, with a lot of doctors. Is, um, that they they're, they're, they're so fast to like, you know, prescribe drugs, take this or whatever, you know, they're trying to prescribe me antidepressants.

[00:11:43] Oh, you, you know, you're depressed to take this, but they don't, they don't tell you all the side effects of that kind of stuff that comes on with that. And they're so fast to just put a bandaid over the problem instead of actually trying to get to the root of the problem and. That's what really frustrates me.

[00:11:57] A lot of these doctors, like Dr. Shaviki, um, he [00:12:00] has like this God complex. Like she knows everything and like a lot of those guys, I feel like they get complacent. They're not curious. They don't have that curiosity to keep on learning. And like, that's my biggest thing I would say is like, like whatever you're going through, you have to be your own advocate.

[00:12:13] Because if like, you know, like if the doctors aren't going to be, if they're just telling you this, like, Oh, just like, yeah, I just have headaches and, uh, I'm depressed. And like, no, like if I would have listened to them, I'd still be in that exact same thing.

[00:12:25] Dave: [00:12:25] yeah. Or maybe, maybe worse off as we're about to get to here. Cause what, what happened when this, you know, this had been going on for maybe a few months at this point and, and talk through kind of as this escalated, as it got to its worst point.

[00:12:37] Austin: [00:12:37] Yeah. So after that fifth one, uh, procedure, like, you know, I've waited a month, um, and, uh, you know, just not lifting 500 twisting, which is so pressing or whatever in itself. And like this kind of pain, it just isolates you, man. You don't see your friends, family, you don't want to see anyone. Uh, because you're just like in so much pain and you're like, why would I want to talk to my friends or whatever?

[00:12:57] Like, I have nothing you can go and get in my life. [00:13:00] And yeah, it was. Over it, man. And, um, you know, Steve Weatherford, uh, he like messaged me and he's like, he texted me. He's like, Hey Austin, like, I know you're in a lot of pain. I know what you're going through. But like, I really think you should join like this, a full court press I'm doing.

[00:13:14] I think it would just be really good for you to have like a. Um, you know, just be like having like encounter with all these, you know, mighty men and just kind of inject some faith and positivity into your life. So I'm like, ah, I don't know, man. I don't really feel like why, why, why should I join something like that?

[00:13:30] Like why should I do it? And then he's just like, come on, man. Uh, God's telling me you need to be on these calls. And so I joined it. Um, the first call I kind of, you know, I'm like, I'm so depressed or whatever. I, uh, you know, I get on, I get on there and, um, tell my story kind of what I'm going through. And, uh, this, this, uh, guy named union unwell to Christian Edwards.

[00:13:51] Uh, It was just one of the most amazing man I've I've ever met his, his heart is just like his heart for others is just insane. And his [00:14:00] testimony about what he went through is crazy as well. But, um, yeah, he called me, uh, you know, to just talk to me and, uh, you said, Hey, he, he, yeah, he had a CSF leak before as well.

[00:14:11] So we kind of could relate on that level and he's like, wow, like, you know, mine lasted for a week and it was the worst pain I went through. I can't imagine, you know, you coming on like five, six months of this. And, but this guy, uh, who was from New Jersey, never met him in person. Literally started calling me every single day.

[00:14:28] You know, like, like in like, if I, like, if I want to pick up he'd text me, he'd call me like, Hey, ask me. Okay. Like basically just injecting faith on me, um, on the daily. And that was just like, to me, it was just like, wow, like my own friends and family, like, like checking in on me as much as like this random person is that I've never met in person.

[00:14:48] So. That was just so, uh, that was just so awesome to have Christian is like, kind of like my, uh, supports and almost like my personal shrink. I tell him literally everything that I want to tell, like, like even like [00:15:00] my closest friends. And so, um, then, then come October, you know, um, come October, we're having these, uh, C Steve's having the first, like CEO of your life event.

[00:15:12] And, um, you know, I think Sunday, they all came in and we all got dinner, like in like Encinitas or whatever. And, um, you know, I was just there and I'm like, like, I would just love, like my normal self will just love all these people so much because they have so much in common or whatever, but I'm like, that's just like not me anymore.

[00:15:29] And it just felt so weird for me to like, be there and like, not be able to just be like my normal self, the guy who loves working out the guys who wakes up at four 30 every morning. And like, he was like, you know, very intense and like an intentional on everything he does. And so basically I go home and then that Sunday night, um, you know, I go to sleep or whatever.

[00:15:49] And I'm like, it's like two, three in the morning. I'm just waking up, throwing up just from these like headaches. And it's just like, at that point, like I'm on my lowest of lows and I'm like, I'm done, man. So I'm done. [00:16:00] And I was supposed to be there at 7:00 AM, uh, you know, to help set up or whatever. I just didn't show up at all.

[00:16:06] And, um, you know, I had decided at that point that I wanted to end it all. And I was literally on my way to the, um, you know, like we're not a bridge to like jump off and. Yeah, Christian called me. He's like, Hey man, like, where are you? You need to be here, come on and do like, I know you're in pain, but like, trust me, like, God's telling me you need to be here.

[00:16:24] And so I'm like, whatever, at this point, like, I'm this, like, what do I have to lose? So I ended up, uh, you know, showing up there. Um, and Steve actually had me speak and stuff. And then everyone kinda just like prayed over me and I Christian and everyone, I think coach Tim Smith prayed over me and everyone laid hands on me and prayed over me.

[00:16:42] And then that just kind of, when I started like, realizing like, wow, like the only way, like, I can't do this alone, like I need like, God, like in, like, I just felt like his touch, like when, like everyone was praying on me and that just rocked me. So Christian was there, whatever. And, um, I decide, um, once, like on like on [00:17:00] a Sunday at our weekend trips that we go to, you know, like I accepted God into my heart.

[00:17:05] Um, about like a week later, I actually had, you know, Christian, uh, baptize me in the ocean with my mom, which is really special for the both of us. And after that happened, and it's no coincidence and you know, it's no coincidence at all that X procedure that I went and saw Dr. Malik, it worked. And I was back to living my best life, um, my best life.

[00:17:27] And, you know, as working out again about three, four weeks, and then all of a sudden. Like, uh, the patch tour. Cause I, you know, like, like kind of like yourself too, like I'm, I'm very intense. Like I pushed myself to the extreme and I like looking back, you know, like now I have, I've learned like, Hey, like, you know, it'll be there.

[00:17:44] I need to have that patience. But like, you know, when that happened, I just kept praying. I just kept talking to Christian. I kept going to church or whatever. And the old me would have just been angry at God would have given up like my mom, like always said, like when I was going through my stuff and she's like, honestly, Austin, you [00:18:00] don't deserve to be healed because when things are going good, you're, you know, you're a Christian, you believe in God, all this kind of stuff.

[00:18:05] But when things are bad, you're like mad at the world. You're questioning God and everything. So after that, uh, you know, 62, do I go fly back out to San Jose? Um, the seventh procedure work. And that has been since December 15th. So I've been, you know, back to working out doing all the things, um, that I love.

[00:18:25] So, but yeah, but now I kind of want to go into like, you know, the, the, the vision cards. Do you have any, any questions about that or?

[00:18:31] Dave: [00:18:31] uh, first man. That's, that's just all so good too. And I, I like it's. It's so cool. How, you know, God, you, someone like Christian who are our audience actually is going to be familiar with. Cause he, I think when this podcast is launched, uh, his podcasts will also have been launched a week or two before. So, uh, cool to have you guys.

[00:18:48] Uh, back-to-back on the, on the podcast to see how, how, uh, you know, closely integrated that is, but just to be at that, that low point and to, you know, have that, that hope injected and that faith injected back in and, and the [00:19:00] turn that it's taken in your life too. And, you know, I guess I'm just curious of, you know, with all those things of, you know, and I know we're getting into the vision vision card, and this might go hand in hand with what you're about to talk about, or it might be separate, but like, what do you, what do you think would have been missing if you didn't go through.

[00:19:17] All these trials. Like if, if life from beginning of 2020, just carried on and you kept doing all your great things like your life externally might look externally, might even look better, like in terms of more money, better health, better fitness, like on the outside, it might look better. But what, what do you think the dangers would have been of that?

[00:19:34] If you didn't go

[00:19:34] Austin: [00:19:34] No, I, I am now that I've, now that I've come out of it and I see life through a lens of gratitude and that everything happens for a reason. And that you grow through what you go through. Like, yeah, last year I might not have grown the way I wanted, like, uh, financially and physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I am stronger than ever.

[00:19:51] And now, like with what I went through, I'm able to connect to people on a deeper level. I'm able to help inspire, motivate other people going through depression, because [00:20:00] honestly, like if you haven't gone through depression, like. You, you can't understand it because like, you know, I had a cousin who's depressed.

[00:20:06] I've had, you know, uh, friends and like, I just didn't understand like, Oh, you're depressed. Like, Oh, just go like, you know, work out or go see people or whatever. But like, when, like, you know, you're going through that kind of stuff. You're so wrapped up in your own head and you don't see how like, um, what you're doing affects your loved ones.

[00:20:21] You're so caught up in your own. Uh, Depression. And like, I literally, like, I'm a very social person. Like my fiance will tell you, like, I love everyone. I love people. And all of a sudden I'm literally having social anxiety to like, see like my best friends, like questioning, like, you know, like just leaving my room.

[00:20:40] Dave: [00:20:40] that's so good. And, and you say, you say in the past, maybe you would have said, you know, I love that you say you can connect to people in a, in a whole new way. And I, I know you're going to do just that through your speaking and through sharing your story, but you know, in the past where you might've said, you know, if someone listening is feeling depressed or in chronic pain in the past, you might just said like, Oh, like, Work out through that or [00:21:00] just, you know, be, be mentally tougher.

[00:21:02] Like how would that change in terms of what you would say to them now?

[00:21:06] Austin: [00:21:06] Um, I would just say to them now that you know, like, like it gets better, like, you might feel like the depression feels like you're in this hole and you just can't claw your way out. Just know that you just have to keep on fighting that it does get better, that God has for you, not against you. And that, you know, you'll be able to come out of it stronger than ever.

[00:21:25] Just like, like I said, like, like seeing life through a lens of gratitude, I'm a firm believer in like, what you put out into the world is what you attract. And when you're going through like that oppression, I'm like, you know, you're just saying all these negative things, you suicidal things or whatever.

[00:21:38] Like that's like the type of energy you're going to attract back into your life. So when you see life through the lens of gratitude, that things happen, uh, you know, happened for a reason and you can see the good in them. Like that's, that's where I feel like you're able to make the strongest, uh, you know, kind of come back.

[00:21:53] Dave: [00:21:53] that's so good, man. And that, that ties in really nicely with that. Let's get into division card and how you use this, this crazy setback [00:22:00] as something that is going to eventually be used for so much. Good.

[00:22:03] Austin: [00:22:03] Yeah. So, you know, our church does these a vision, awaken church has these vision cards. So I think it's like January, maybe first or something like that, you know, you go to church and we write on our vision cards. Like I'm literally just I'm two weeks, you know, post surgery and stuff. And I write some like pretty big things, you know, like on this vision card.

[00:22:21] You know, like one of the things I wrote on this vision card, um, was that I wanted to propose slash marry, um, my best friend, Natalie. Um, and you know, like about like eight days later, um, you know, I proposed to her and it was like, and it all came full circle because I proposed to her in Cornado where I was planning on killing myself.

[00:22:40] So it all came full circle and that's like a place of like so much happiness and joy. Now, when it could have been, you know, the whole other way around. Uh, the second thing I put, um, that I want to be a voice of hope and reason for the CSF leak community. Three days later after writing that my surgeon, uh, Dr.

[00:22:57] Malik is amazing. Um, and like the [00:23:00] best bedside manner, I literally have his personal cell phone. Like you text me to see how I'm doing. It's not a normal thing for, you know, uh, doctors to do, um, That's what I want to be a voice of hope and reason for the CSF leak community. He calls me three days later, says, Hey Austin.

[00:23:15] Um, I really think, uh, I really want you to come out here. I want to film like a, you know, an interview, um, of me and you talking. You can talk about your story. I can talk about the type of procedure, uh, You know that I do, and then we could post it on the forums, online to the CSF leak communities, and we can help so many people that are, you know, uh, suffering feminists.

[00:23:35] So actually, uh, March 11th, next week, I'm flying out to San Jose with my best friend, Nick. Who's a, he's an amazing videographer. Who's gonna help me out and record the whole thing for me and Dr. Malik. And I'm going to record all that thing and be able to post that online, to help other people, you know, going through that.

[00:23:49] Uh, the other thing was, I, I, I put that I wanted to be a voice of hope for people with depression, anxiety, suicidal, thoughts, all of that. Well, I, I think, you know, like me [00:24:00] sharing my story right now, like, and being vulnerable, I believe like when you're vulnerable, that's where breakthroughs happen. Like so many men they're afraid to like, you know, talk about like all the uncomfortable things.

[00:24:09] And like, I think that's where breakthrough happens. That's why like, Steve Weatherford has been so inspirational to me is because he's. More vulnerable than anyone. I know he talks about everything he's suffering from and that's like, that's real. That's what makes you a man? Um, but yeah, so, um, Yeah, actually, you know, I went out to Tampa last week to speak at the CEO of interview life.

[00:24:28] I shared my story and I had men and women come up to me like saying, Hey man, you're such an inspiration to me. Like, you know, I actually had one guy and just weird for me to hear that I'm an inspiration to, so that's just like a weird concept for me. Um, but, um, I had one man who came up to me and was just crying and, you know, said, Hey, like, like thank you so much for sharing that.

[00:24:47] Like, you know, um, you know, I deal with depression and like, you know, you just sharing, like what you've been able to overcome just gives me hope. So that's kind of what it's all about for me. Uh, another thing on the vision card that [00:25:00] I wrote was that I wanted to, um, Buying my first home. And that's like, I mean, that's kind of like a, that's a big deal.

[00:25:06] That's not like a small, you know, goal or whatever. And then, um, I actually, we had a, a week ago we had a, our offer accepted, um, on a home. And so it's just like, it's just crazy. Like, just to see how kind of like God is, you know, working in my life and because God has got a full restoration and feeling and everything, but you have to believe.

[00:25:28] And I mean, like, you have to believe in like, it wasn't until I surrendered myself to the Lord that I was able to, you know, um, like, um, you know, like kind of reap the benefits, like, uh, Galatians six, nine says do not. Go weary and doing good because in due time you will reap a harvest and I'm definitely, you know, reaping the harvest now, but it's because all the boys going to God, it's not me.

[00:25:50] I'm not doing this by myself. I'm not alone. It's because my support system has God. It's Christian. It's my, my, uh, amazing shots. And Natalie it's my, um, my parents who were [00:26:00] there every step of the way, um, with me that that's the reason I'm here.

[00:26:04] Dave: [00:26:04] so good brother. Yeah, man. That's such a powerful testimony. And, uh, I, I know you kind of already, already spoke on it, but for you, you talked about how isolating depression is, like how. You know, how can you encourage someone to get around, you know, other similar, you know, similar people that are looking to, you know, that are on a different, you know, on a different trajectory, like you said, you surround yourself with mighty men.

[00:26:26] Like, can you talk on the importance of that and maybe how to get over that, because I'm sure all you wanted to do was lay in, lay in bed and not go see anyone. Like how do you, how do you get over that first, that first step, that first hurdle.

[00:26:38] Austin: [00:26:38] Uh, so like that kind of just tied back, this is like literally the Bible verse that I like, I'm literally going to get tattooed, like, Oh, like on my arm right here. But like, it was just so like important to me like this, like it's Romans five, three, five, it says lettuce. Rejoice in our suffering because suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character, and character hope.

[00:27:00] [00:27:00] And while you're going through a season of suffering, it's so easy to get caught up in like, I'm the victim mentality I was telling you about like, um, I'm the only one who has this bad. Um, you know, all of these, you know, kind of, uh, things, but like when you come out of a season of the suffering, you realizing that like, Wow.

[00:27:16] Like if that didn't happen, I wouldn't be the man I am today. I wouldn't be on your podcast right now, sharing my testimony. And like, I would have never accepted God in my heart. God knew that's the only way he was able to get to me was by putting me something, uh, through something like this. And the devil knew that like, I like my voice was going to be able to inspire and motivate so many other men.

[00:27:38] And, you know, by sharing my testimony, bring people to God. And like he tried everything in his power to like, you know, like. Make sure. Like I wasn't able to do that. So I think the biggest thing is just, you know, like, whether it's like, um, you know, your friend group or just like the community to surrounding yourself with like like-minded individuals that are like, you know, after the same [00:28:00] things, you know, like that you kind of want.

[00:28:01] So like, that's what I love about like, you know, um, That is the King's council and all that kind of stuff now is like, like, you know, like even in my friend group, like there they say, Oh, like, you know, like me wait again at four 30 and you do an ice bath and doing all these kind of crazy things. It's like, like, you know, my friends, they go, I'm just crazy.

[00:28:18] But like, when I went like to keep counsel, like I'm not the craziest one there. And that's, what's kind of, you know, how's that for reasons, people like doing all these crazy, amazing things.

[00:28:26] Dave: [00:28:26] Yeah, that's so true. Yeah. It makes you feel not normal, but like, you know, it, it can feel, you feel like you're doing the wrong thing, even though it's like, you can be doing these great things, but if you're the only one doing it and people are looking at you weird, it's like, you know, maybe you, you tend to play small versus being able to play big and be around people that can stretch you even, even bigger than where you're at.

[00:28:44] And I love that. I love what you said too, about how that was the only way that. You know, you said how God could reach you is through something like that. And for other people, you know, for a lot of people listening, it's probably not going to directly be a CSF leak, but there's still going to be people that are like breakup and, [00:29:00] you know, businesses failing and doing other things that seem like the biggest setbacks and what you're, you know what I, I get it from you.

[00:29:06] You're just, you know, you're just dealing hope for those people of say in that like, Hey, yes, it, it sucks right now, but it will get better. You will get through this, you will grow through this. And I just love you sharing that.

[00:29:17] Austin: [00:29:17] And then what I'd say is to do, I mean, like adversity can either break you or cause you to, you know, break records and I'm going to, I'm going to break records, but it's like, all the war is going to go to God.

[00:29:25] Dave: [00:29:25] Yeah, yes. Yes. You are Austin with a, with all those. So as we start to wrap up here, so you got your vision card, you you've already crushed about everything on there. Like what's, you know, what are you what's, what's the struggle right now that you're, you're dealing with in terms of like, what's the rest of, uh, you know, 21 have in store for you and, and what do you, what are you working towards?

[00:29:45] Austin: [00:29:45] Uh, into like, I mean, like, uh, like anyone, like, you know, money isn't, uh, uh, you know, money isn't everything, but I, I like it. Like, you know, what money provides is like set up like that financial freedom. So I could pursue all my passions that I want to [00:30:00] do. So yeah, I want, um, I'm going to be the number one farmer's agent in San Diego and in California.

[00:30:04] So mine just building that team to grow my business and you know, my vision. That's what I'm, you know, I'm going to do for this year. Um, I w yeah, I want to. Hope inspire, motivate other women. I'm actually getting my personal training certification right now because that's something I'm passionate about to where I can help people physically, but also kind of give a, help them with like the mindset things that it takes in the disciplines it takes to kind of be successful.

[00:30:26] So that's kind of, uh, yeah, I just really want to help people. I love people. I want to help them. Um, people, you know, going through suffering, that's kinda what I'm passionate about.

[00:30:35] Dave: [00:30:35] That's so good man. As the insurance stuff blows up, that's going to give you more time to be able to devote to some of that stuff too. And I know you're gonna make a, make such an impact. And man, I just, uh, I appreciate you coming on. I appreciate you sharing. It's such a powerful story. I've I've heard it a few times and I still get goosebumps every time, every time hearing it.

[00:30:53] So I, uh, I'm uh, moderate to heavy on here and be able to share that with our listeners, as we wrap up any, any parting words for [00:31:00] someone someone's struggling with. Any of these things, depression, anxiety, chronic pain. And then, uh, you know, where people can, can reach out to you out if they, if they're

[00:31:07] Austin: [00:31:07] Yeah, no, no, for sure. Yeah. So, um, I would just like to end it with this, um, to anyone who's listening right now, that's going through depression, suicidal thoughts that has, uh, anxiety, anything like that, just know that everything in life happens for a reason, um, that you are going to come out of it stronger than ever, that you are not alone.

[00:31:25] Lean in, on a new family members, um, to lean in on your friends, to lean in on everyone and just know that it's okay not to be okay. That it does get better. And to anyone out there listening that like, you know, uh, is suffering and doesn't have, you know, someone like that in their life that they can lean on.

[00:31:42] Lean on me. My name is, uh, Austin Highland. My phone number is (760) 405-7999. Just know that you are enough color, text me and literally always here. Uh, for anyone out there who's going through suffering.

[00:31:57] Dave: [00:31:57] man. That's so good, brother. I appreciate you making [00:32:00] yourself available for that too. And I know, uh, you know, if anyone is listening, you know, take advantage of this, of this mighty man right here that, uh, came onto our show. Cause he's been, he's been. And through the ringer. And, uh, you can tell just with your, with your confidence, with your passion, with, you know, the transformation you've had, I'm, uh, I'm thankful to have to have been a part of even just a, a small piece of that and to, to see where you continue to grow.

[00:32:21] So, Austin, man, I appreciate you, man. And, uh, thanks for, thanks for coming on today and for sharing that

[00:32:27] Austin: [00:32:27] All right. Sounds good. Love you brother.

[00:32:29] Dave: [00:32:29] you too, bro.

[00:32:30]Thanks for listening today, guys, unbelieving that even if you apply one thing from today's show, you're taking one step closer to living as the man you were made to be meaningful change doesn't happen overnight. So keep showing up and keep consistent every single day until good things start to happen.

[00:32:46] If you haven't already taken 60 seconds to write a review on whatever platform you're listening on, goes a long way in growing this podcast and reaching other men, just like you, that are hungry for more in their life. Do you have any questions on today's show [00:33:00] feedback or content you want to see more of shoot me a text.

[00:33:04] Yeah, text me (760) 477-4361 at (760) 477-4361. Let me know that you're listening to it. And so I can personally thank you for your support of myself and the show. That's it for today, guys, it's time to raise your standard for yourself. Stop settling for just getting by, go all in on your passions in the Lightroom made for a lot of you guys and talk to you soon.

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