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Men Made For More Episode 126: Building The Action Habit: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

habits mindset Feb 16, 2021

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Most men let their comfort zones hold them back from taking action and achieving greatness across all areas of their life. This complacency and hesitation to take action in the face of fears, doubts, uncertainties, and low confidence will keep you playing small and from achieving the things that matter most. The good news is that this action habit can be trained like any other muscle, and you can learn to be a man that lives outside their comfort zone on your way to doing great things.

Want to join me on my comfort zone challenge? Text me 'comfort zone' to (760) 477-4361 to commit to 30 days of stepping outside of your comfort zone alongside myself and other men looking to grow daily. I’ll be sending a message out every day with what I’m doing to step outside my comfort zone as well as daily encouragement - and we can help hold each other accountable.

Men Made For More Podcast Episode 126: Building The Action Habit - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

[00:00:00] Dave: Hey there mighty man. I'm your host, Dr. Dave Paczkowski founder of man-made for more coaching, our business helps husbands level up their life. Their leadership and their legacy in marriage and in business. The purpose of this podcast is to bring together like-minded men that feel destined for big things in their life and provide you the resources and community that you need to lead yourself, your family and your business.

[00:00:27] If you've ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, or alone on your journey to a better and more purposeful life, you're in the right spot. You weren't designed to be average. So it's time to quit living that way today. I'm giving you permission to unlock your true potential and step into all that you were made for.

[00:00:45] What's up, men. We got another episode coming your way today on building the action habit. And we're trying to fight procrastination. We're trying to fight hesitation on our way to taking action and, [00:01:00] uh, just getting the results that we so badly want in our lives. And for some people, this might be across all the years of your life, physically, mentally in your relationships spiritually, financially for others, it might just be one area that needs to, that.

[00:01:14] You need to take action on that. You've been just putting off, uh, those things, you know, you need to get done. And whatever it is, we can all benefit from learning to cultivate this, this action habit. And today we're going to be talking specifically about getting outside of your comfort zone. Because most men let their comfort zones hold them back.

[00:01:33] They limit them and they keep them from taking action and achieving greatness across all those areas of your life that I was just talking about and this complacency and hesitation to take action, to get started, to do that thing you need to do in the face of any fears. You have any doubts you have uncertainties or even low confidence will keep you playing small.

[00:01:53] And from achieving those things that matter the most, the good news though. This action habit can be trained like any other [00:02:00] muscle. And you can learn to be a man that lives outside your comfort zone on your way to doing great things. And guys, this episode comes, uh, just day two, one day into our, uh, I started a comfort zone challenge, uh, just yesterday as of, uh, as of launch of this episode.

[00:02:16] So, uh, February 15th, uh, decided to dive into committing to myself. And to others, I put it out there. Uh, first it was something that I want to do is something I've been thinking about for awhile was committing to 30 days of action, 30 days of getting outside of my comfort zone, 30 days of doing something, uh, sometimes big, but usually small, those small things that we put off.

[00:02:39] That's really those things that we need to learn to get past, to break through in order to do the things that we want to do. So I, uh, I selfishly had thought about this for awhile and, uh, wanting to commit to it. Just, I hesitated. I hesitated. What else is new? When we talked, getting outside of our comfort zone and take an action, uh, put it off for awhile, but I just decided last Friday, [00:03:00] spray the moment I'm like, I'm gonna just gonna throw it out there to social media, to our email list, to following and, uh, get a crew together that wants to.

[00:03:08] Uh, wants to learn, to take action, learn to face our fears and, uh, these fears aren't like I said, they're not the big daunting, overwhelming ones, but those little daily fears that keep us from living that life by design that we're after now, we so much desire. So if you guys want to join that with me, I just started yesterday.

[00:03:26] You you're not too late to the party. Uh, day two starts, uh, was, is today at the time of launch of this episode. And, uh, guys, let's, let's just commit to doing this together. Uh, I'm sending out a text message every single day with what I'm committing to, what I'm holding myself to, uh, giving that self-accountability and, uh, asking them that accountability of you guys that are joining in on this challenge as well.

[00:03:48] So I'm gonna be sending their message out every single day, giving encouragement when you know what I'm doing and we can help hold each other accountable. The some you guys are interested in text me comfort zone two [00:04:00] (760) 477-4361. And I used to is that 29 days commit to, you can even go one day over.

[00:04:05] I'll do that with you. If you, uh, your action that gets started today, and we can, uh, go through this together. And, uh, the, the reason that this is so important, the, uh, as, as we get into the content here, the reason this is so important is because we can't possibly experience growth. When we continue to live inside of our comfort zone.

[00:04:24] And I've seen this time and time in my life. I see this in every single coaching client that I work with, I can be in big ways. It can be in small ways, but we all have these, uh, these limiting beliefs. There are these things that keep us from taking action in the areas that we need to. Now, this doesn't always show on the surface.

[00:04:43] I know a lot of guys and there's coaching clients I work with that are extremely confident, extremely successful externally, but that doesn't mean that they're clicking across all five of those, those foundations, all five of those pillars that we talk about, and [00:05:00] they wouldn't be working with me. If, if, uh, if they were, they would be, uh, they would be coaching me to help do it because we all struggle with these things.

[00:05:05] But, uh, I wanna, I wanna make it clear that. Don't judge the external appearance with, uh, with what's going on internally, because we all have these doubts. We all have these fears, these limiting beliefs that can keep us playing small. They keep us inside of our comfort zone. Maybe that's a fear of messing up of looking, looking stupid of.

[00:05:24] Putting yourself out there and saying, Hey, social media, I'm doing this 30 day challenge. He wants to go in with me and having no one be interested in it. But, uh, when we get past those things, when we get past those confidence issues, those fear of failures, we can start to cultivate the habits that will create that life that we're after.

[00:05:43] And, uh, the other thing is his fear of success. I I've been there too of there's the fear of messing up and there's also the fear of, well, what if I, what if this goes really well? What if I achieve all those things that I want to achieve, and now I have this new level of [00:06:00] responsibility, this new level of pressure, this new demand from myself and from others that I have to continue to produce and do those things.

[00:06:07] Those fears are real too. And wherever you're coming from, though, any of those things, any of those doubts, those beliefs will keep you where you're comfortable at. And you can think of it as, uh, you know, we like to use the analogy of a, of a thermostat and, uh, not just, not just being a thermometer of, of adapting to the surroundings around you, but to set the temperature that you want to, that you want to live at.

[00:06:29] And this is going to be different in those areas. We talk physical, we talk spiritual, we talk relationships, financial that, that mindset, and, uh, It's going to be a different number for each of those. For me, uh, physical fitness has always been something that that habit is, is easily cultivated for me, but financial business, my mindset, those are things I have to work a lot harder at.

[00:06:52] And I have to do something every day that gets outside of my comfort zone, because if you're, uh, and this'll sound familiar for a lot of you [00:07:00] guys, is those areas where you're the strongest in. I bet you a lot of your activity, a lot of your energy goes into. Building on those things versus how much, how much time are you getting outside of your comfort zone in those areas that are your weak points that are those points that might be holding you back from a really well balanced life?

[00:07:18] Those are the things we have to start to identify and set that thermostat temperature to where we want it to be because we're in our comfort zones. We'll do, as we start to see success, say we're on a new health journey and, uh, we're starting to see progress. We can see the physical changes. We're losing weight, we're putting on muscle, but then we fall back into the comfort of certain foods or complacency and laziness after, after a long Workday, or we start getting away from those habits that brought us there.

[00:07:45] How often in, in business or finances do we, we earn money and we have the potential to save it and invest it. And, uh, to, you know, set us up for a good future, but we have more money. So we end up spending it and getting back down to that level where [00:08:00] we're comfortable, that, that amount of money that we have saved that we're comfortable with.

[00:08:03] And, uh, cause you can apply this across any of those areas, but that's the thing with the, uh, the thermostat and what comfort zones will do to keep us from, from living there. If we don't get outside of our comfort zones regularly. And that thermostat's going to stay at the same point and anytime we get below it, so you start to maybe, maybe have less money in your bank account.

[00:08:23] You'll, uh, you'll save like crazy to get up back to that point where you're comfortable. And if you go above it though, you'll start to get a little uncomfortable and you'll find a way to self-sabotage to do something, to bring yourself down to that comfort level. So guys, that's why it's so important. We have to, we have to first change it.

[00:08:39] The thermostat, know what level we want to be operating at. Across all those areas of our lives, but then we have to make sure that our actions line up with that. We have to make sure that we're stepping outside of our comfort zone so that we can prove to ourselves that we line up to that because we can't just set the thermostat high.

[00:08:54] And, um, this is another problem I see a lot of clients run into is they have these big goals, these big dreams they've got that [00:09:00] thermostat set high, but their actions aren't lining up with where that, what that thermostat says. Their actions are still playing small. They have these big dreams, but they're not doing the action to get their body, to get their mind, to really buy into it.

[00:09:14] And I've, I've run into so many times. Um, Lindsay and I in, in our marriage, in our, in our business, uh, this was something that I played at safe for a long time when, uh, starting our first, our first business, our physical therapy business played a say for a long time. And, uh, I, I stayed part-time for a while at other jobs because.

[00:09:33] It's scary to cut off a source of income too, to know that stable money isn't coming in. So even while growing our business, I think it was close to a year, maybe a year and a half. I was on the fence still doing some part-time work because we couldn't really get traction off the ground the way we wanted to.

[00:09:49] And, uh, this greatly greatly limited our success. And as soon as I cut off that part-time job, it wasn't a, of course, as it always works, it wasn't like, okay, now we're [00:10:00] doing so well that I feel so safe to be able to cut this off. Now it was the action came first that step outside of the comfort zone came.

[00:10:07] First of I'm cutting off. Part-time work. Uh, but some people say we're, we're burning the boats where we're going all in. And, uh, that's when that's, when business started to take off, it was in, uh, it was probably October of, of 2018. And by January, 2019, we, uh, We were doing two, three, four X, what we were doing before, and that just kept growing as it didn't have those things holding me back anymore.

[00:10:31] It didn't have those divided time and energy and focus and, uh, had a new sense of urgency when you cut those things off. There's a, there's a whole new level of urgency. And we, uh, we came full circle on this back in, uh, last year, 2020 Lindsey cut off her full-time job. So we still had her working full-time somewhere else, uh, was building our PT business.

[00:10:52] And, uh, we were growing to the point that one needed help to one of that to be a Lindsey and three, we wanted to go all in on [00:11:00] it and repeat that, that same, same thing of taking that big step outside of our comfort zone to do things that we hadn't done before. And again, we saw major progress, even, even through a global pandemic.

[00:11:13] We saw, we saw some really good growth this past year because we didn't have that. And there's a lot of reasons for it, but a big reason we didn't have that, uh, that thing weighing us down that safety net, that comfort zone holding us back. We, uh, we cut the ties and we knew where we wanted to go. And then, uh, our action backed that up every single day.

[00:11:33] And you guys can do the same things too. You guys can evaluate. What part of your life is, is that area that you need to work on? Were you relying on safety nets? Were you being a little overly cautious and decide what you need to commit to, to get outside your comfort zone? And I want to talk before we wrap up just five, five things real quick to step outside your comfort zone and start to build that action habit.

[00:11:56] First thing think small, and this is where most people miss [00:12:00] the boat on talking overcoming comfort or getting outside their comfort zone facing fears is that they think they think big. They think these big daunting things, you haven't been to the, uh, to the gym and in months or years maybe, and you decide you want to run a marathon or you want to work out seven days a week or something like that.

[00:12:20] And guys. There's there's a time and a place for that. But most of the time that's, by enough, more than you can chew. You're trying to do too much before you've built up those little habits that get you there. So I encourage people to think small with this. It's not a, it's an, if you're trying to save more money that you cut out all your expenses and just put everything towards savings, you guys got to set realistic things that you can have that you can do that you can do to build this habits.

[00:12:46] It's usually not the big things that we need to do. It's these small things, these little things that we've been putting off, it's not a, it's not revamping your whole life. It's having that tough conversation with a, with a significant other, with a family member [00:13:00] it's, uh, it's taking maybe just a daily walk or starting a meditative practice, or, uh, getting back into your, your prayer, your spiritual life.

[00:13:08] These are the little things that are the things that. Uh, we've been putting off that need to start taking action on. It's not a set, doesn't have to be this grandiose thing, but think about what small things you're putting off in your business. It might be those, those calls you've been putting off, making that, that project you've been putting off think about what that is and that's what you want to commit to doing.

[00:13:29] So it's not always the big things, make sure you're thinking small second and right in line with that. Don't just think addition, think subtraction as well. So, so often when, uh, have this conversation with people, they, they go, I want to add, add this in and add in. I want to, I want to run. I want to stretch.

[00:13:44] I want to eat better. I want to start saving money. I want to, uh, hang out more with, uh, with my spouse and my family and do all these things. And that's great. All those things are great. And one of those things might be the thing that you need to be doing, but you also need to be thinking subtraction.

[00:14:00] [00:14:00] What are the things that you're doing that are in your comfort zone, those things of, uh, watching Netflix every day, uh, coming home and having a glass of wine or a drink, um, you certain, certain foods, certain activities, certain people you're being around that are keeping you in your comfort zone, certain people that aren't encouraging you to grow, to chase your dreams, to do those things.

[00:14:22] Sometimes we have to think subtraction just as much as addition, because if those things are weighing us down, It's not just about adding more on top of that. It's about removing those things that are pulling us into our comfort zone. Third thing, make sure we're focusing on imperfect action too often. I know the, uh, the planners out there that want to know all the details and figure it out and pick the perfect thing to do.

[00:14:44] This can be as simple as waking up every day and saying, Hey, what, what is one thing today that. Scares me and excites me all at the same time that I need to take action on. And that's exactly what I'm going to be doing in this, in this challenge. I don't have my 30 days mapped out. I'm taking this day by day and addressing things as they [00:15:00] come across all those areas in my life and, and picking the thing that scares me and excites me the most, but it's not going to be perfect.

[00:15:06] Every day's not going to be a crazy breakthrough that we experienced, but that imperfect action is where we can learn to build that action habit. Four thing, consistency equals compounding results. So it's the consistency of this guys. It's not enough to just, uh, you know, say, Hey, I'm gonna, I'm gonna do this for, for a couple of days and then forget about it and then jump back into it.

[00:15:28] That's why I'm jumping all into this, this 30 day commitment to myself, to others, this 30 day comfort zone commitment, this challenge, because when you can cultivate something over the course of 30 days, when you can build that habit, when you can do those things, you develop that, uh, that action habit that is hard to break and you start to pick up some incredible momentum that you won't do.

[00:15:50] If you just do it a few days on a few days off. So in these cases going more radical, going all in on it to jumpstart. This habit is one of the best things you [00:16:00] can do, but that consistency is so key. Last thing, 15 here, commit, make sure you commit, commit to yourself first. You have to be bought into this.

[00:16:08] It can't just be something because you hear me talking about it and you say, okay, well, I'll kind of try this thing. You have to be all in, in your, in your own heart and your own mind. You have to commit this, commit to yourself, say, Hey, I'm doing this because. What's your why behind it? We've talked about this in different episodes.

[00:16:23] I'm doing this because I want to show up better as a, as a husband, as a father, as a business leader in my work, uh, for my financial future, know what your, why is and commit to yourself, say, Hey, this these 30 days, or however long, your commit to this is going to be important to help me. Get past that hump that I'm in get past that, that plateau that I'm finding myself in.

[00:16:46] So first commit to yourself, but then commit to others. There's a there's power in putting out there and saying, Hey, this is what I'm doing. Cause I, uh, I can commit to myself, but. You better bet you better believe I'm going to, I'm going to be, uh, a next level of [00:17:00] accountability. When I have people that I'm sending texts out to every day and messaging people and saying, Hey, this is what I did today.

[00:17:06] Or this is what I'm gonna do. This is what I did, what I got done yesterday and showing up every single day. And, uh, I'd like to think that I could do that on my own. But I guarantee you, I'm going to be less likely to miss or skip one day in there. When I know there's other people relying on me to be accountable and that, uh, I'm looking for accountability from as well.

[00:17:25] So guys, those are the five things to, uh, build that action habit to step outside your comfort zone. Think small. Don't just think addition, think subtraction taking perfect action. Focus on consistency. That's what's going to equal those compounding results and then commit to both yourself and to others.

[00:17:43] So the take action takeaway today, guys, I think you can guess it. Committed to doing one thing daily to step outside your comfort zone and pick a pick a length of time that it makes sense for you. Uh I'd I'd encourage you to come along with me on 30 days. I know you might, uh, one of your comfort zone things might [00:18:00] be like, Hey, I don't think I can commit to anything 30 days in a row.

[00:18:03] I'm going to cancel that thought and tell you to. Give it a try to come along with, uh, committing to yourself, come along with me, commit to kind of building on that. And guys, it's simple where, uh, we're day two in and, uh, I want to, I want to walk alongside you guys in this. If you guys are interested in, in taking action and get outside your comfort zone, just text me comfort zone two (760) 477-4361.

[00:18:26] And say, tell me, tell me that you're committing to 30 days of this come along with me because guys, I don't want to do this on my own, and we've already got a great group of guys going through it. Come join us, come, uh, come be a part of it. And you'll be amazed at how much you can grow over these 30 days.

[00:18:42] And I'll be sending out daily text messages when you guys know what I'm committing to each day and we can hold each other accountable. Now imagine being a man that takes action day after day, learns to be accountable to yourself, to others, to me in this situation, by doing this, you'll see compounding results across all those areas of your life that you [00:19:00] choose to focus on.

[00:19:01] And this might be, like I said, at the beginning, you might need just one area you need specific help with. And if that's the case, let me know in that text message. Say. Hey, I'm really struggling. Physically. I'm struggling spiritually, or my relationships are a mess right now. Let me know. And we can, uh, we can help support each other in specific areas.

[00:19:17] Or you might just say, Hey, I'm, I'm a mess across all of these areas. I want to do one thing, one thing daily that, uh, works on each one of these and whatever it is, I'll let you know what I'm doing and we can hold each other accountable on that. You guys will be amazed at the progress you can make in just 30 days when you commit to consistently showing up.

[00:19:34] So text me if you're all in on committing to it and, uh, hope to hope to see you guys on my phone. Hope to be able to interact with you guys over these over these 30 days to, uh, see what we can accomplish together. So guys, thanks for listening in. Thanks for investing in yourself and, uh, just. Diving into the show and seeing what you can learn as humans you can take away.

[00:19:53] Remember though, application is where the magic happens and it's about more than just listening in. So as always, you guys know where to find [00:20:00] me. If you need anything, hope seeing the challenge, shoot me a text, commit to it, let me know you're in and let's go through this thing together. All right guys, enjoy.

[00:20:07] And I'll talk to you soon.

[00:20:08]Thanks for listening today, guys, I'm believing that even if you apply one thing from today's show, you're taking one step closer to living as the man you were made to be meaningful change doesn't happen overnight. So keep showing up and keep consistent every single day until good things start to happen.

[00:20:25] If you haven't already taken 60 seconds to write a review on whatever platform you're listening on, it goes a long way in growing this podcast and reaching other men just like you, that are hungry for more in their life. Do you have any questions on today's show feedback or content you want to see more of shoot me a text.

[00:20:42] Yeah, text me (760) 477-4361 at (760) 477-4361. Let me know that you're listening to it. And so I can personally thank you for your support of myself and the show. That's it for today, guys, it's time to raise your [00:21:00] standard for yourself. Stop settling for just getting by, go all in on your passions in the Lightroom made for a lot of you guys and talk to you soon.

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