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From Learning To Implementation

habits mindset Aug 24, 2021

Too many men become addicted to learning and fearful of implementation. Do you find yourself frustrated with a lack of progress, growth, and clarity on the action you need to be taking despite spending precious time and money? If so, you might be falling into the trap of mistaking ‘always learning’ for actually creating true progress in the areas that matter most. If that sounds like you, it’s time to improve your focus and discipline as you adopt a mindset of implementation.

There’s no shortage of amazing information out there. Books (that you can also have on audio always playing in the background), podcasts, social media, blog articles (like this one) are just a few of the near unlimited information that is available at your fingertips. It has become a badge of honor for driven men on how many books or podcasts they consume each year. If you’ve found yourself setting those goals and assuming more is better - how much of that are you applying to create true change? If you’re like many men that I’m thankful to be able to coach, you’ve probably become addicted to consuming self-improvement material without actually taking the time to implement the actual self-improvement.

If that sounds like you, it’s going to require some discipline and focus to break this habit. Every time you finish an uplifting book, podcast, or read an inspiring blog article - you get a little hit of dopamine that feels like you’ve accomplished something. However, I know many men that are in the exact same place today that they were one year ago despite consuming all the books and podcasts on improving their life. What separates the people that are truly creating change from the ones that are giving themselves the illusion of change? Uncomfortable action and disciplined implementation.

Instead of checking the box and moving onto the next thing you need to learn, what would happen if you spent the next day, week, month, or even year actually applying it? What if you consumed less content, but applied all of it? Imagine how much more your life, business, and relationships would look different. If you find yourself stuck in the common cycle of consuming more and applying less, here are some helpful strategies to break the habit and start taking action:

  • Summarize everything you consume

One of the best ways to lock in the information you’ve learned is to teach it to someone else. If you finish a book, a podcast, or even a chapter - make sure you summarize what you just learned. This could be verbally telling a friend or spouse what you learned, writing it down in a journal, or just creating a voice memo and talking through what you just learned out loud. Don’t assume because you’ve read something once that you understand it. If you’re having trouble verbalizing it to someone else, you might have to go back and go through it again until it sticks.

  • Find the ONE THING that will create the most breakthrough in your specific situation

Whenever you finish consuming any piece of content - always look for ONE THING to apply from it. Not a list of 10 things - that will never cause you to take action. Not even 3 things to start. Try ONE THING. That one thing should be something that, when implemented, will create a large return on your investment in whatever area of life you’re trying to improve.

  • Look for patterns, not absolutes

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to your business, your morning routine, your relationships, or making money. Make sure that you aren’t trying to copy a ‘proven system’ and paste it into your life if it doesn’t work. This causes overwhelm, frustration, and poor results. Instead, look for the patterns that stand out across several things you’ve learned, and apply the principles that hold true and can be implemented into your life.

  • Don’t consume anything else until you’ve taken time to master that ONE THING

Stop consuming. Stop thinking more is better. Just stop. If you haven’t mastered the thing you learned from the last book or podcast, why are you starting another one? People hold onto a false belief that if they just ‘learn’ one more thing, it might hold the magic bullet to their success or unlocking everything. That’s just not true - the ones that are teaching that content and seeing true success are the ones implementing

So let’s start right now - what’s the ONE THING you learned today that you will start implementing immediately? Shoot me a text at (760) 477-4361 and let me know your ONE THING from today.

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