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Men Made For More Episode 170: Number Your Days

Oct 07, 2021

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Men Made For More Podcast Episode 170: Number Your Days

[00:00:00] Dave: Hey there mighty man. I'm your host, Dr. Dave Paczkowski founder of men made for more coaching. Our business helps husbands love up there. The leadership and their legacy in marriage and in business, the purpose of this podcast is to bring together like-minded men that feel destined for big things in their life to provide you the resources and community that you need to lead yourself, your family and your business.

[00:00:27] If you've ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, or alone on your journey to a better and more purposeful life, you're in the right. You weren't designed to be average. So it's time to quit living that way today. I'm giving you permission to unlock your true potential and step into all that you were made for.

[00:00:45] Hey, what's up champions. Welcome back to the made for more podcast, Dr. Dave here, stoked to be with you guys. And it's going to be a pretty, pretty quick episode today, but, uh, it's gonna, it's gonna be a thing that [00:01:00] either, uh, lights a fire under you, or if you already have a fire under you and you're, you're overly stressed, it might give you a little bit of relief when it comes to.

[00:01:08] Putting things into perspective when it comes to goal setting, vision, casting, all those things that we'd like to talk about. And, uh, where this, where this really, uh, came into play was. Uh, one of the coaches and mentors that I work with Jared moon was, was talking through the quarterly planning process.

[00:01:26] And looking ahead to that, that long-term vision, a someday goal, uh, the five-year vision, the one-year vision, that what do we need to do this quarter to make those things happen? That whole goal setting and the now practice that we've talked about a lot in the past, but he, uh, he said something about, uh, about putting it in putting things into perspective about how much longer do you want to.

[00:01:46] Do you want to be doing this? And a lot of us, if we found a, if we found a calling or if we found something that we're like, yes, I'm going to be doing this for the rest of my life. Maybe you're 30 years old, maybe you're 40 years old. And you're like, I got another [00:02:00] 20 years. I got 30 years of doing this.

[00:02:02] That's going to change things. And if you're either, um, if you're either older and on a shorter timeframe or. If it's not something you want to be doing, long-term maybe you have this, this business that you have right now, and it's not your for everything, but it is something that you need to turn into profitable.

[00:02:20] Maybe sell that business to step into that thing. That really is your true calling. And then that's going to have to have a, a time condensed vision on it. But. What you want to think about is, is how many quarters do you have left now that we're in debt as the time of recording this episode, we're into quarter four of 2021, which is crazy how quick this this year went by crazy out quick pass.

[00:02:40] Two years, went by with, with, uh, with a lot of things going. But there's, there's a lot of urgency behind that. When we look ahead to, we're already planning the last quarter, that the last, you know, last chapter of 2021, that's going to set us up for success or potentially set us up for failure and, uh, leading into 2022.

[00:02:58] And we can't just wait [00:03:00] for the new year to come around to start planning. The 2022 is starting. Now, this is the, where we need to get really strategic, where you need to get tactical, where you need to get dialed in to help catapult yourself in a 20, 22 to help have incredible momentum leading into that year.

[00:03:14] Whether this is with your business was with your health and your marriage and your finances, whatever that might be, this is where it's time to catapult yourself into that. And ideally. Uptaking and all those levels, uh, even just, even if it's just one degree, but that, that urgency can, can light a fire under us.

[00:03:32] But then we have to look at, okay, when I look big term, I look longterm picture, how many quarters do I have left doing this? So say in the example of, of 30 years that you say you're like, yeah, I could do this for the next 30 years. No problem. Then you have 120 quarters left to. To be planning and to be executed and be doing those things.

[00:03:51] So if you guys have big visions and big dreams, and you guys are thinking about those things and pursuing those things that might add a little bit of relief and knowing that it doesn't [00:04:00] have to all get accomplished this quarter. Now I'm not saying, I'm not saying take off, take your foot off the gas at all.

[00:04:05] I'm not saying push on that brake and slow down at all. I'm saying speed up in a 2022. We need to be hidden hard with a sense of urgency at all times, because we're not guaranteed. We're not guaranteed anything. But when you think about it, that way, when you really put things into perspective, you potentially might have another 120 quarters or a hundred quarters left to accomplish all these big things you have.

[00:04:25] And that can be, it can be extremely overwhelming when you get this, this big vision that God put on your heart. And maybe you can see, but you try to explain to your spouse or your friends and they just, they don't fully get it. It can quickly become overwhelming as you're on this, this journey of trying to pursue these things and chase excellence and chase a better version of yourself.

[00:04:44] But. No, it takes some relief and knowing that it doesn't have to all get done right now, because a lot of people that have the big vision, if you're anything like me, you have this big vision. And then you try and set these monster goals, every single, every single quarter, every single month where we're overly ambitious, what we can do.[00:05:00] 

[00:05:00] And again, I'm not, uh, I'm not saying to, to slow that down, but I am saying to realize that your whole ten-year vision, isn't going to get accomplished. This quarter. So what is that? Bite-sized chunk that realistic thing. That is a little bit of a stretch that you can do this quarter in those different areas, in your business, in your personal life and your home and your leadership and your spiritual life.

[00:05:22] What are those things you can be doing to take a step forward? And what are those little things that if you do those quarter after quarter, month after month, year after year, Then I guarantee you guys will see incredible results over time, but sometimes we can get so far ahead, we get so amped up on this vision that we, we set these huge goals and then we get discouraged when we don't hit them.

[00:05:41] We say, Hey, this this month, or this quarter, I want to do X amount of revenue, or I want to, I want to. Bring on all of these new, these new clients or these new contracts or something. And then all of a sudden you fall short of it. And you're like, man, I failed again. And then the guilt comes in. The shame comes in and those things are not those things are lies.

[00:05:59] Those things are [00:06:00] not things that you have to live with, but sometimes it requires a shift in perspective to, to know what the real goal should be. This is just one stepping stone on the. You on the, on the longer journey to, to what eventually will become that vision coming to life. And I guarantee you if, if, uh, if God wanted you to know every single step that you need to take and know every step from a to Z of where you had to step to get there.

[00:06:25] You would be so overwhelmed, you'd be. So you would just be paralyzed by, by being able to take any action because it'd be so overwhelming and God's always moving behind the scenes. God's always working and all that he requires of us is to be obedient in that next step. In that next step. If you have 30 years ahead, you don't have to accomplish the next 120 quarters worth of work between October and.

[00:06:50] Between October and the new year, it just doesn't have to happen. So that should give some of you that are high achievers that are, are driven, a little sense of relief and knowing that you can [00:07:00] still push hard, still push your foot on the gas and try and do everything in your power and let God take care of the rest, but know that it doesn't have to all get, get done this quarter.

[00:07:08] Now on the other side, Maybe it's going to light a little, uh, a little new fire under you. If you are, if you are in that category of maybe you're maybe it's time to set a set, a deadline, maybe it's time to set a timeframe on, on what you're doing right now. Maybe you have that, that business that is earning some money.

[00:07:26] Maybe you have that business that is profitable or has the potential to be profitable. Maybe you're just working a full-time job for someone else. And it's not what you love doing. It's not what sets you on fire. And there's something else in your heart that, that you want to pursue. Maybe it's a passion.

[00:07:42] Maybe it's an actual, your entrepreneurial journey, a new business you want to start, but it might be time to set a deadline on that, instead of just saying indefinitely, like, oh, when the time is right, I'll, I'll do this. Or, you know, down the road when we have such and such, I'll do this. That's a, that [00:08:00] needs to be replaced with, with some definitive things of maybe you need to say.

[00:08:03] Hey, I've got, I've got two years to, to push at this job. I've got a year or I've got, I've got five years maybe where any debt I need to really. Know, dive into the current business I'm in to sell it, or maybe it's I need to, I need to save in a certain way that will allow me to start that thing through this, this job that I'm at.

[00:08:22] And you might need to set that five years or three years or one year. And then when you start looking at it, maybe you only have. Four quarters left. Maybe there's only 12 quarters left to, to make that a reality, to get everything in line for this new business that you're gonna be starting, this new venture, this new passion project that you want to follow and turn into a calling and turn into a living.

[00:08:41] That's going to light a new fire underneath you. So know where you're at and set that actual timeframe. When we actually put this. You know, there's, there's a, there's a prayer and Psalms where David says, God, teach me to number my days. And this is the same philosophy that, that I see it as, as when you actually put numbers on this, when you say [00:09:00] have only got four quarters left to make this happen, I've only got 85 days left to, to make this year count.

[00:09:06] That's totally different than just kind of going through the day. Another week goes by another month, goes by and all of a sudden you're like, shoot, it's already November, man. I gotta, I gotta get going again. And then all of a sudden it's December. And then it's like, well, it's the holidays. Okay. Get it until, uh, until the new year.

[00:09:19] And we don't want to be like that. We want to make sure that, that we are numbering our days, that we know how much that we have to push at this, that we know. Maybe it's a long time. Maybe we have a long journey ahead, but same thing, like if you're starting out to run a marathon, You know, you got 26.2 miles ahead.

[00:09:34] You can, you can pace it in a way. You still want to push it. If you're trying to set a PR, but you can pace it in a way that allows you to peak at the right time. And you want to think the same thing with your, with your life goals, with your business goals, with all those things, to make sure that you're not, uh, make sure that you're not in that marathon, just gunning it out of the gates.

[00:09:51] And then all of a sudden you get burned out. You get defeated, you get discouraged because you didn't. You didn't save enough energy. You didn't, uh, you didn't push at the right time or [00:10:00] have the right perspective to be able to handle it mentally. So, uh, guys, I believe this will be an encouragement for you wherever you're at on that, uh, on that spectrum of how many years you might have, have left ahead of you for, uh, for pursuing what you're pursuing, but go number those days.

[00:10:14] Number of those quarters give, uh, give yourself a real. Um, a real, real perspective of, of where you're at and where you're heading, and that might, uh, bring some new clarity. It brings some new wisdom in and, uh, give you guys some new, uh, new knowledge to be able to, to work with in a refresh in your mindset almost to allow that to happen.

[00:10:34] And the change of a quarter is a good time to do that. You can really do it anytime you can do it on a Thursday, halfway through the quarter. It doesn't matter, but just make sure that you're, you're stepping back, you're reflecting and you're giving. Perspective on this and then jumped right back into it.

[00:10:47] As soon as you get that clarity, put your foot back on the gas and go, uh, go hit it with what you guys need to. So if you guys need any support on this, any questions on this, make sure to reach out. I've loved hearing from you guys recently, a lot of good [00:11:00] feedback on some of the last few episodes for just a, I can tell you guys are thinking about things in a new way.

[00:11:04] You guys are. Wrapping your head around things in a, in a different way and asking some of the tough questions, but with those tough questions sometimes, uh, comes a dead end of answers. It seems like I would be happy to be a support for that. I definitely don't have all the answers, but if you guys are looking for any support, any guidance, uh, you can shoot me a text 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1.

[00:11:25] Uh, give me a couple of days, but we make sure to get back to you guys on that with, uh, any support, help resources I can, I can give you as well. A couple of other things we have going on. Uh, super exciting. We are getting ready to launch our, a mastermind group for local people here in Southern California.

[00:11:40] So, uh, it's going to involve, uh, getting together in person once a month and, and doing life together, building leaders, building businesses, uh, there's going to be some deep dive into, into business from doing some fun things together from a fitness health side of things, and, um, some other community building as well as some.

[00:11:56] Uh, there's going to be some, some calls in between, uh, to make sure that [00:12:00] we're, uh, continuing to grow together, growing in our business, growing our leadership. Uh, if you guys are local to Southern California, or if you guys want to travel to, to sunny San Diego, once a month, um, text me, text me mastermind to 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1, especially for your local people.

[00:12:18] Uh, text me mastermind too. If you guys aren't local and. You guys just, if you guys would potentially be interested, if, uh, you know, if we end up expanding, uh, nationwide, someday, at least to start, this is going to be a, this, this next group is going to be, uh, a locally driven one to, to really be able to get together in person.

[00:12:34] I think there's a lot of power in that for, for building community. So if you guys are interested in that texting mastermind, 2 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1, I get some more details on it and, uh, we'd love to connect. We can get on a call, see if it's a, see if it's a good fit. But I appreciate you guys. Uh, again, let me know if you have questions, let me know.

[00:12:51] If you guys are interested in, uh, in building your leadership, building your business. We got some new businesses coming out of this. I can, I can already feel it. I already know it. And, uh, I've [00:13:00] got some, uh, some businesses that are already pretty well established that are, uh, are going to take off here, uh, through the rest of this quarter, as we, uh, as we launch into, into 2022.

[00:13:08] So you guys know where to find me, if you need anything, make sure to reach out. I appreciate you guys go crush the rest of this week and we'll talk to you soon.

[00:13:14] Thanks for listening today, guys, unbelieving that even if you apply one thing from today's show, you're taking one step closer to living as the man you were made to be meaningful change doesn't happen overnight. So keep showing up and keep consistent every single day until good things start to happen.

[00:13:31] If you haven't already taken 60 seconds to write a review on whatever platform you're listening on, it goes a long way in growing this podcast and reaching other men just like you, that are hungry for more than one. Did you have any questions on today's show, feedback or content you want to see more of shoot me a text.

[00:13:48] Yeah, text me 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1 at 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1. Let me know that you're listening to it. And so I can [00:14:00] personally thank you for your support of myself and the show. That's it for today, guys, it's time to raise your standard for yourself. Stop settling for just getting by, go all in on your passions in the life you were made for.

[00:14:12] I love you guys and talk to you soon.

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