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Men Made For More Podcast Episode 166: Out of Order

Sep 09, 2021

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When any area of your life is out of order, you might be blocking your blessings and reaching your highest level. Take inventory of where there is a lack of structure, a lack of order, and a lack of organization in key areas of your life.I’ve only got a few more spots for 1-on-1 coaching for those men out there looking to lead their homes and businesses to new levels.

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[00:00:00] Dave: Hey there mighty men, I'm your host, Dr. Dave Paczkowski founder of Men Made for more coaching, our business helps husbands love up there. Their leadership and their legacy in marriage and in business. The purpose of this podcast is to bring together like-minded men that feel destined for big things in their life and provide you the resources and community that you need to lead yourself, your family and your business.

[00:00:26] If you've ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, lost quite alone on your journey to a better and more purposeful life. You're in the right. You weren't designed to be average. So it's time to quit living that way today. I'm giving you permission to unlock your true potential and step into all that you were made for.

[00:00:45] What's up champions, Dr. Dave here. Welcome back to the Men Made for more podcast for those that tuned in last week, uh, you know, my wife and I and our growing family have been through a bit of a whirlwind of a past week or so, but, uh, [00:01:00] all is good. Mom is healthy. Baby is healthy. Uh, we are just loving this new season as much as it brings new challenges and, um, just.

[00:01:09] Just all sorts of, uh, all sorts of, of newness and excitement with it. We're just, we're taking it in stride. And, uh, even on, even on little sleep, we're just, uh, we're just enjoying our new little blessing of a baby Elise and, uh, back home though in Baca, excited to be back in a bit of a bit of a routine.

[00:01:27] And, uh, the, you know, the, the lack of routine really revealed something that we've been, we've been working on for, uh, you know, for the past six months or so. Uh, Lindsay and I then. And, uh, spark the topic for this podcast of being the importance of having structure in order in your life, to be able to receive the blessings that God has in store for you.

[00:01:49] And a lot of people are spinning their wheels. You might be wondering why you've been working at this, this thing for so long. Yeah. I want you to think about this in the different areas of your life. Maybe you've been working at [00:02:00] your health for so long, but you keep getting sidetracked and not, not looking or feeling the way you want.

[00:02:05] Maybe your marriage isn't as strong as it needs to be in something that you keep running into these, these sticking points, maybe spiritually, your relationship with God, you haven't been able to find the traction you want and the closeness and relationship there, maybe in your finances, it's something that you continue to find yourself.

[00:02:20] In the same situation where you're not seeing the, the abundance financially that you want, maybe it's in your business where you've been trying to get to get your business off the ground or get it, uh, grow to the place that you want it to be. And you just keep running into the same pitfalls. And if there's any of these areas that you're missing, the structure, the order of the proper organization, that can be a big barrier for, uh, For receiving the blessings that God has in store for you.

[00:02:48] And I, and I do believe that, uh, you guys can experience that. And I believe that, um, I believe that I don't believe in, you know, uh, necessarily everyone just receives abundance because they, uh, they think [00:03:00] about it or they manifest it. I do believe if we're, uh, you know, if we're putting in the, you know, if our, if our hearts are right and if we have the right, uh, organization to be able to receive blessings, I've, I've, I've seen things multiply in our lives when we are able to do that.

[00:03:15] But I've also seen the opposite of when things are out of order when things are in disorder. Things, uh, things don't go the way that they want to. They're our goals don't get hit the way that we think they should. We don't see those, those supernatural things happen of just the growth that's beyond what we can imagine, but we do see it when we have this organization in place.

[00:03:35] And this is something that. We've been working with on, on some coaches of identifying the different areas in our lives, in our marriage of, of where that's, where that's really happening and how that's, uh, how that's at play. And, uh, I want to talk about some of the key things you should bring awareness to in these different areas to increase the level of organization so that you have the ability to handle that.

[00:03:57] Cause a lot of times, We think [00:04:00] that we're ready for something. And like I talked about last week, if you guys haven't listed that episode of how, uh, uh, how our timing is, not what God's timing is, but we think we're ready for something. We, we maybe, you know, we plead with others, we plead with God, even of just like, I'm, I'm ready for this.

[00:04:14] Um, I'm ready to receive this. I'm ready to step into this next level. But we're not stewarding the things that we have. Well, in this moment, we might say, Hey, I want this. I want this big social media following. I want to have all this influence. I want to impact all these people, but how are we doing with the few relationships that you have in your life right now?

[00:04:32] How are you doing with those few things? Are you really fostering those relationships? Are you, are you flashing those things? Cause if you're not doing, if you're not faithful in the little. There's no way that God's going to multiply that and, and set you up for what could be a potential disaster in a crash and burn.

[00:04:48] Like we see in so many people that, that reached success too quickly without having this organization in place. So I want to briefly talk through the, you know, the different areas to, to keep in mind when taking inventory of your life. We've talked in the past [00:05:00] about, uh, knowing what your what's, your mental diet is, knowing what your, the inventory is of, of what you're letting into your, into your mind in your life.

[00:05:08] And this, uh, this is going to apply the same way you should take inventory. There might be areas of your life where like, Hey, we're, we're crushing this area. I'm doing great in this area. I'm thriving financially, but my health is a mess or maybe, Hey, I'm super fit. But my marriages, my marriage is on shambles and I'm not.

[00:05:23] Yeah. I'm not seeing success in the other areas or in business the way I want. So just know that this is going to apply to each of the different areas of your life. So if we start spiritually, which I think is the most important in our relationship with God of, do you have the structure in place that allows you uninterrupted time to, to actually hear from God, you have time to get into.

[00:05:44] His word to, uh, be able to learn and grow and, and hear what God wants to tell you, or are you just stacking your life so busy, so filled to the brim with your schedule? You have no, you have no space for God. You have no space for, uh, your, your spiritual [00:06:00] life. And that becomes so important. If you're, if you're missing that you'll find a bed, a lot of your life is going to feel out of whack or feel just chaotic and disordered.

[00:06:08] So, uh, make sure that, uh, you have the space there to, you know, whatever that looks like for you. It doesn't have to be overly. Yeah, overly ritualized or anything where you are doing this from a certain time, although it can be a, but make sure you're having place where you're, where you're reading. God's word, where you're in prayer, where you're hearing his voice because.

[00:06:28] Well, at times God wants to speak to us and we just, uh, we just make ourselves so busy that we can't hear that. So make sure that you're, you know, doing those things, uh, that you regularly, um, I don't say no, you need to be doing so. It shouldn't feel like at like a chore, like a to-do list, but make sure you invite the space in for the most important relationship in your life.

[00:06:46] And the one with the one you have with, with God. And the next important relationship is with marriage and with family and, and take a look at how this looks and in a relationship, if you're. Have you find yourself always in [00:07:00] intention with your, with your spouse or your significant other, take a look at what kind of, you know organization's structure is, is there in your relationship?

[00:07:07] Do you guys have a way to resolve conflict? You guys have a way to regularly do date nights regularly. Disconnect regularly set those boundaries. Are making sure you're not always talking about just work or raising the kids or family or different things that you're having time to actually still date your spouse to still have, have fun to do things like, uh, like a, a weekly walk or a daily walk or different things for, uh, for traveling or date nights or different things that you can implement.

[00:07:35] And then also, how are you, w what systems do you have in place and. I'm hesitant to use the word systems. I know Lindsay will probably roll her eyes at that, but, uh, you know, for lack of better word, you can use the same things of, uh, you know, of making sure that you have things in place to make sure that when conflict arises, how are we handling this?

[00:07:54] How are we. How are we going about the to-do lists, the chores, those different things [00:08:00] in our family. There's, there's a lot of ways that this can be applied, but if you're just, if you're just kind of winging it and just going through your day and all of a sudden a week goes by and a month goes by and a year goes by and you're like, man, what are we, what are we doing?

[00:08:10] We're not really growing together. We're not really thriving the way that we want. And you have to step back and see where you can have more organization, even in something like your marriage or your family. Uh, another area of your life, your health. This is a big one. Uh, for those that, you know, the, the biggest difference.

[00:08:26] We see it in our physical therapy business. We, we work with people all the time who have, are at varying places in their health journey and have, have seen a lot of success in their health, have seen their health slipped quite a bit. And one of the biggest, uh, biggest commonalities we see between people that are, you know, continue to thrive while even at, even at an older age, as they, as they grow older and still continue to feel good and stay active is.

[00:08:49] Some kind of, you know, there's some kind of organization, sometimes it's formal workout things. Sometimes it involves gym or workout class or something that they're doing regularly. A lot of times it's, it's something like walking it's [00:09:00] it's how are you, how are you setting up your life to make sure that you're, that you're eating well, that you're managing stress well, that you're doing these things, uh, that you're sleeping well, that you're prioritizing that if you're missing, if you're missing order in any of these areas, It's going to greatly affect your ability to be your healthiest and feel your best physically, mentally, emotionally, and all those areas.

[00:09:19] And health goes beyond just how you look, but how you're feeling and how your health actually is. Are you, do you have those self care things in place? Do you have those things that prioritize yourself and whatever that looks like, and it's going to be so different person to person. But it's important to make sure that you're not just leaving up to chance of like, oh, I'll eat well when there's good food there.

[00:09:37] And I'll, you know, work out when I feel like I have the energy, but knowing, okay. On, on this, on this day, looking at my week ahead on this day, I have to make sure that I'm working out here, here, and here. I need to do this and prep my meals or make sure I grocery shop so that I'm not relying. And just eating out.

[00:09:52] Uh, those are the types of things you need to have in place to make sure that you're staying healthy. What do I need to do during my Workday to make sure that I can get to bed at a good time so that I can get up early [00:10:00] and get that workout in and you can see how those things can, can quickly snowball.

[00:10:05] So that's health is a health is a big one. Uh, another one is with kind of mentioned this briefly in the social media following, but just relationships in general, your friendships, your relationships, how are you fostering those, those people in your life that you want to be fostering those relationships with?

[00:10:19] Cause I talked to so many, uh, so many guys and I've, I've coached so many guys that want this big impact. They want this big business. They want that now, but they're not, uh, they're not necessarily. They're not necessarily operating in excellence in and over, you know, over-delivering in the relationships they do have in those people, they do have already in their lives that God's entrusting them to work with and to help and to mentor and to grow.

[00:10:41] Make sure that you're not looking too far ahead that you miss the relationships they're in your life today. And I've, I've fallen into this trap before. Uh, that definitely something I've always was, you know, that, that go, go, go, grow, grow, grow, and realize that. Wasn't prioritizing the relationships, both friendships in my life and also the business clients and [00:11:00] coaching clients and our PT clients that, uh, we, we picked up, wasn't actually fostering those relationships that will eventually, uh, help help us meet those goals, but also just being good, good and responsible with the people that we do have have in our lives to make sure you're paying attention that with relationships and friendships.

[00:11:19] Financially. This is a big one where people are at varying points, but whether you, whether you have a ladder, whether you have a little in your bank account, how are you? How are you managing that? Or are you using some type of budget maybe formally or informally? Do you know where your spending is going?

[00:11:35] Are you, are you avoiding, are you avoiding, you know, taking on unnecessary debt? Are you, are you making sure that you're having. Yeah, maybe a weekly financial media, monthly financial meeting with, with just yourself or your family, or whoever's, you know, involved in those decisions and making sure that you're doing those things.

[00:11:52] Are you, are you tied, you know, you're giving back to, uh, to your church, to other causes. I think that's a great way to, to get ahead with it's [00:12:00] so counterintuitive for, uh, for us in the natural world, but there's, you know, supernatural power and being able to, uh, make sure that we're being responsible and tidying and giving the first 10% or more to, uh, back to back to our church.

[00:12:14] You know, giving in, in some of these causes. So make sure that you're following these principles and make sure that you have order in your, your finances as well. Uh, and then with, with business, and this is, you know, a big one for a lot of people, but yeah. Uh, what kind of organization do you have within your business?

[00:12:29] Do you have here at here, I'm more comfortable saying the word systems. Do you have the, the systems in place to, uh, to make sure that if there was a major influx in business that you can handle it, do you have the right teammates and employees around you to, to make sure that you can handle it? Are you organized, are you doing the things that you say you're going to do or like.

[00:12:47] Operating in integrity. Are you doing the things that when you tell someone you'll get back to them by a certain time or that you'll fulfill something, are you making sure you follow through on that? Do you have something in place to make sure that if you're creating content or doing those things or putting [00:13:00] out, you know, a podcast or a blog or something, do you have a time during the week where you're making sure that you have blocks that do that?

[00:13:06] Are you being responsible in those times and making sure that you're. You're either fulfilling the roles or delegating those things, or making sure that you have a pulse on the things that you need to. And this is, you know, one of the biggest things for especially new entrepreneurs is such a lack of, of order in schedule, such a lack of order in the tasks they're doing.

[00:13:25] And. Time, they're spending so much time wasted and things can be revealed and something like a time audit where you just essentially take a look at where you're spending your time and, and that can quickly see how much time you're spending on things. Like just, maybe you're responding to emails all day or something, and you're not actually moving your business forward.

[00:13:41] That's a lack of order. That's something that, uh, if your business were to 10 X, if you got, you know, 10 times the customers you have now a hundred times customers right now, what systems would break, what things would would fail. And that's a good way to a good question to ask yourself, to see, okay, where, where, where things break down right [00:14:00] now.

[00:14:00] If we, all of a sudden got a hundred new, a hundred times, uh, new leads or new volume coming in, uh, from a, from a customer standpoint, what would, what would break, what would go wrong? But that's probably where there's there's disorder. And there's a reason that. You're not seeing that big increase, because if you were, it would be something that would potentially wreck your business or your quality would go down.

[00:14:21] You would lose the quality of that product or service. So that's a good question to ask on the business front, but like, you can see guys, you can apply this to any different area of your life. You can look at this, uh, in, in all these different areas and you can see. Where am I lacking in this, this structure, this order, this organization, because if you don't have this, this is that this is the foundation, and God's not going to pour down blessings on a shaky foundation because he loves us and he doesn't, he doesn't want to, to do that.

[00:14:50] And it doesn't mean just because we put order in place that all of a sudden blessings will, will fall down. But. You're not going to, you're not going to be able to see that if, if your foundation is, [00:15:00] is so shaky, if it's something where you don't have the organization in those, those different areas. So take inventory of this, uh, make sure you look at all the different areas of your life and especially the ones where you're, where you're struggling the most and see, Hey, where can I work?

[00:15:12] Can I improve organization here? Where can I improve order here? And, uh, and take a look at that. And, uh, that's something that. Can go a long way, something that you need to get in place before just trying to grow, grow, grow in these different areas. Uh, so that's, uh, that's what I got for you guys today. Go take inventory of that.

[00:15:30] That's your, uh, that's your action step? Uh, I am, uh, with, with the schedule going crazy and everything too am limiting the amount of, uh, was, was offering that, you know, Consults for, for people and, uh, actually dropping down the amount of one-on-one clients that I can can take with too. So I already have a solid base of people, but that number is, uh, dropping, have about three spots left for, for anyone looking for more one-on-one coaching that wants to dive in specifically to some of these things, maybe around [00:16:00] order, but just in growing your leadership, growing.

[00:16:03] Your business, uh, being a better leader in your household and in your business. If you guys are interested in talking more about any one-on-one coaching said, I'll only have a few spots left to take with new stuff with, with baby, with new stuff, with, uh, with our business growing both good, good problems to have.

[00:16:19] Uh, just want to make sure that if you guys need any coaching, you need any support. Make sure to reach out. You can text me 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1. Just text me coaching. And, uh, we can find a time to set up a call and talk more details. If that's something that you think you might be interested in, uh, would love to love the chat as always, you guys can text that same number.

[00:16:38] If you guys have any questions, if you enjoyed the podcast, if you have any feedback, always love hearing from you guys. Appreciate you listening. Always do appreciate you taking time to invest in yourself. Uh, one of the best decisions that you guys can make weekend and week out. So appreciate you guys.

[00:16:53] And I'll talk to you all very soon.

[00:16:55] Thanks for listening today, guys, unbelieving that even if you apply one [00:17:00] thing from today's show, you're taking one step closer to living as the man you were made to be meaningful change doesn't happen overnight. So keep showing up and keep consistent every single day until good things start to happen.

[00:17:12] If you haven't already taken 60 seconds to write a review on whatever platform you're listening on, goes a long way in growing this podcast and reaching other men, just like you, that are hungry for more. Do you have any questions on today's show feedback or content you want to see more of shoot me a text.

[00:17:29] Yeah, text me 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1 at 7 6 0 4 7 7 4 3 6 1. Let me know that you're listening to it. And so I can personally thank you for your support of myself and the show. That's it for today, guys, it's time to raise your standard for yourself. Stop settling for just getting by, go all in on your passions in the Lightroom made for a lot of you guys and talk to you soon.

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