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Men Made For More Podcast Episode 114: With Action Comes Clarity

goalsetting mindset Jan 05, 2021

Have you ever struggled to find clarity in what to do with your life - or even just what to do next when it comes to achieving your dreams? Many of our coaching clients know that they’re made for more - made for a bigger purpose and bigger calling. Yet many either don’t know what that calling is yet, or they know what they want to do but have no idea where to start when it comes to achieving it. Planning and having a solid strategy in place is important. But there can be a fine line between planning and procrastinating. Listen up today to learn why you might not need a better plan, more knowledge, another skill, or another podcast episode to get you to the next level. It might be time to start taking action to gain more clarity than ever before.

Are you looking for more accountability and guidance to level up your life and finally live out your highest potential across all areas of your life? Most guys have the ability to do big things, they’re just missing some structure to make it happen. If that sounds like you, I’d love to talk with you. Head on over to to request a free strategy session to help you identify your biggest barriers keeping you from the life you want to live.

                                                                                   - Dr. Dave

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Men Made For More Podcast Episode 114: With Action Comes Clarity

[00:00:00] Dave: Welcome to the Men Made For More podcast, a show designed by men for men. Looking to get strong, feel confident and live a high performing life. And we face many challenges as we try and strive for better life. Want to live a meaningful and confident life, but don't know where to start. You've lost your physical and mental edge.

[00:00:18] That's keeping you from living out your full potential. You're tired of talking about doing big things and you're ready to start living it, but the Men Made For More podcast, our goal is to teach you how to strengthen your body, your mind, and your purpose on your way to reaching your full potential.

[00:00:34] It's time to start living as a man. You know, you can be to help lift up those that matter most in your life. In this podcast, we'll leave no stone unturned as to what it takes to get out of your comfort zone and step into living a strong, competent, and high-performing life. We'll focus on the topics that matter most for helping you develop into the man you were made to be.

[00:00:52] Our goal is to  not only build strong men physically, uh, to help coach and develop strong friends, sons, brothers, fathers, business [00:01:00] owners, and professionals in every area of your life. I'm your host, Dr. Dave Paczkowski, proud husband, business owner, physical therapist and strength coach with a passion for helping other men strengthen their body, their mind, and their purpose, wherever you're at in your journey from member that you're made for more.

[00:01:16] I'm excited to have you here with us today and let's dive into today's episode of the men made for more podcasts. What's up guys, welcome to today's show. And we are talking about finding clarity through taking action. Now, this is an important topic, because if you're anything like me, you've probably struggled to find clarity at some point in your life, either with what to do with your life, or even just with what to do next, when it comes to achieving your dreams.

[00:01:44] Now many of our coaching clients know that they're made for more, they're made for a bigger purpose and a bigger calling. They want to do more. They want to be more, yet many either don't know what that calling is yet, or they know what it is, but they don't quite know how to get there. What [00:02:00] the next step is for actually achieving it now, planning and having a solid solid strategy in place is extremely important.

[00:02:07] But there can be a fine line between planning and procrastinating. Listen up today to learn why you might not need a better plan, more knowledge and other skill, or even another podcast episode to listen to, to get you to the next level. It might be time to start taking action to gain more clarity than ever before.

[00:02:26] Now, first, I want to, I want to shout out to a friend and mentor of mine, Rylee Meek for coining this term. At least when I first heard it. And it was one that really struck a chord with me because as I'll talk about here a little bit today, uh, I've always been one that struggled with planning and trying to make everything perfect.

[00:02:44] But when I heard this with action comes clarity, it really struck a chord because. When I think back to all the times in my life where I just took action, took imperfect action, the clarity behind what to do next and what [00:03:00] the next step might be, or the next step to take those things all fall into place.

[00:03:03] Once we start taking action, we can sit there and have all the perfect plans, but if you're not taking action towards that, then you're going to struggle to really find the clarity that you're looking for. Now most guys I talked to, they, they tell me they struggle with finding clarity in different areas.

[00:03:19] It can be in your career wondering what the dream job is, what work do you really want to be doing? What's the, what's the next career step to take what's is it another certification is another job. Is it. Starting a business. Uh, this can be for, for a lot of guys it's in fitness. What, uh, what's the best eat style for me?

[00:03:35] What a workout should I be doing? How often should I be lifting weights, doing cardio, doing these different things. There's a lot of overwhelm around that. And even just in what to do next in life, in our relationships, in our personal lives, what to, what hobby to take on what, to, what to read, what to, what to do to better our relationships or friendships or marriage.

[00:03:56] Those things are all real, real struggles that [00:04:00] come up. And they're things that don't have easy answers, always behind them, but because these things are. Are big things that we're, we're trying to do. And we're trying to take hold of, it's easy for a lot of guys to get overwhelmed, but with overwhelm, this leads to procrastination.

[00:04:17] Now, I know it's a daunting task to try and find more clarity on the key areas of your life. When we talk things spiritually, mentally, emotionally in your relationships with your physical health, with your finances or your career, these things are big things that we're, we're trying to take hold of and take control of.

[00:04:35] So it's, it's easy for overwhelmed to set in. That's totally normal. But think of the last time that you had a, a big project to work on, or you set out to achieve something far off. This could be a big work project. It could be, uh, a fitness goal or something. When you've had a deadline. I bet everything probably fell into place because with deadlines, it promotes action.

[00:04:58] And with action, it [00:05:00] promotes the clarity that's needed. Next. You just start taking the next step because you don't need to get done. But when you have something important to do, if there's no deadline associated with it, the tendency, the natural tendency is going to be to procrastinate. Which creates even more overwhelmed because you probably beat yourself up because you procrastinate another day, you didn't get done what you needed to, and that created more overwhelm.

[00:05:22] And then that overwhelm created more procrastination. And guys I noticed is a vicious cycle to, uh, to breakthrough. Uh, but action is the key to breaking through that. Now, the reason this is, is so important, guys, the reason this is extremely important is because the things that matter most in your life don't always have deadlines.

[00:05:41] I should probably say they, they usually don't have deadlines. If you think about it, whether it's getting in shape, find your dream job, gaining time or financial freedom. These things are not dependent on getting it done next month, or even at the end of the year, if you don't set deadlines for yourself, if you don't [00:06:00] have deadlines around these things, these things that no one would argue is extremely important.

[00:06:04] Getting in better shape, taking control of your time, your finances, your relationships. These things are extremely important, but they don't require action. There's no pressure until something extreme happens until we get sick until something happens with our health. There's no pressure to get healthy. No, one's no one's holding you to that.

[00:06:24] If you're not holding that standard for yourself, no one else is going to hold you to that. But if you find yourself in this situation where you're like, yeah, I kind of have been putting my health off for months or for years now, I probably should start that business. That, that business idea that I've always wanted to, don't beat yourself up.

[00:06:41] If this is you, this is common and this is normal, but most importantly, this is going to require action, not just intention, but action, to get to where you want to be across any of these areas. And this can be applied to all those areas of your life. Those key foundations that we talked about. Now, like I said, guys, I can relate because my natural [00:07:00] bias has always been towards planning, which in hindsight is probably just glorified procrastination.

[00:07:05] I can't tell you how many in our business, how many launches, how many products, how many new service offerings and so many other things we launched early on. And even still today, this still happens today that we think are going to be perfect, that we think everyone's going to love that everyone's going to find so much value in that we're gonna be we'll help.

[00:07:22] So many people. And we can spend days, weeks, or even months planning these things out. Yet, when launch date comes, there are plenty of times where we heard crickets silence. We spent months planning for these things. We launched it. No one was interested. That's a hard pill to swallow and I, you know, there's, there's lots of ways we can, we can be bitter about it.

[00:07:46] We can think, Oh, well, what did I what'd I do wrong? Or how could we have planned better? That's my natural tendency to say, well, how could we have planned better for this so that this didn't happen when in reality, what I've found over the years. And it's been a hard lesson for you to [00:08:00] learn is that the times where we roll things out fast, where we get feedback quickly from our clients, and then we make those tweaks with continued action and continued feedback, uh, from others and from ourselves, this always ends up better now instead of thinking to what can I do to plan better?

[00:08:15] My thought process should have been, what can I do to take action quicker? What can I do to just get this out there and see what people think of it? Now, this can be the same in work or business, but it also relates to health and fitness. Think about when you're trying to get in shape. And, um, I'm not, I'm not speaking directly at you, but I'm sure we know someone who I wouldn't trying to get in shape.

[00:08:40] Started planning out the perfect workout routine, researching all the best diets, downloaded the right apps on your phone. You go out, you buy an Apple watch or whoop band to, uh, you know, you really want to track your sleep and your steps and everything. You research the best gyms in your area. You buy new shoes and workout clothes.

[00:08:57] None of these things are necessary to get in better shape. [00:09:00] They're not necessary. Some of these things might be helpful, but they're not necessary. And I know this is an extreme example, but I can't tell you how many people I talked to that have spent more time planning to get in shape than simply taking imperfect action and just getting started with it without having all the answers yet.

[00:09:17] Okay guys, if you feel like you ever struggle with just taking action, if you find yourself ever procrastinating towards, especially in these areas, towards these things that matter the most, our health, our relationships, our, you know, our mindset, our emotions, our finances, our business guys, all these things are extremely important, but we need more urgency behind them.

[00:09:38] We can't just wait for these things to magically fall into place. We have to go out and get it. And if this can relate, if you guys can relate with this, I want to talk about five strategies here today to help you take action, to find more clarity in your life, across some of these different areas. First thing get organized or what I like to call sharpening the ax.

[00:09:57] Now this might seem a little [00:10:00] counterintuitive because we're talking all about take action. Take action, take action. And then we talk about, well, get organized, but I want to, I want to clear this up because blind action is not the answer either. You can't just start taking action and hope for everything to fall into place.

[00:10:11] Either you need to really guide your vision, guide your focus. Now there is definitely a time to organize and to plan, but on the other side, it probably requires much less time than you actually think. Instead of trying to get the maximum amount of things you need, instead of trying to get all the answers you need to get started.

[00:10:30] Think about trying to get the minimum amount of info. You need to take a shortcut. Reach out and get help from a friend who's done it before, or a coach that can help you in this now. Perfect example of this is this very podcast that you're listening to. Now, when I first started it back in may of 2020, now I knew some friends that were.

[00:10:51] They were doing podcasts. I reached out to a few of them, a few people that I respect that I trust and just ask them any feedback they had from doing it. [00:11:00] Any advice they had, what equipment they're using, the logistical questions like that. I reached out to them and I, I got a few different answers back, but I, I gathered those answers and I just took some of the common answers that were across the board for the people that I talked to.

[00:11:14] And then I just started, I ordered the equipment and I started planning out those things that they said, Hey, these are the things you need to do to get started. These other things would have been nice, but these are the things you need. And I had started the man-made for more podcasts within a week of doing research on it.

[00:11:28] And we had our first episodes out. And I started with the minimum. Believe me, guys, this was far from perfect. And it's, it's still far from perfect. I, I know that as well. We're always trying to improve it, but if I wait for it to be perfect, that wouldn't even be episode one right now. And although this is far from perfect, it's also far from my natural tendencies of.

[00:11:48] What I want it to be. I would prefer things to really be planned out, to have it perfect and not want to launch something imperfect. And why is that guys? It's because we, we fear rejection. We fear putting something out there. And [00:12:00] what if people don't listen to it? What if, what if it's not good, but this podcast you're listening to today as a result of just getting started and figuring out the rest along the way.

[00:12:09] Second strategy here, guys. Take action. While you plan in the fitness example, I used earlier where you're doing other research that's okay. Especially if you're planning on investing in a big purchase, like training or coaching, uh, those, those investments can add up and it's definitely okay to do your research, but action should occur.

[00:12:26] In addition to your planning, not just when the planning is done. It should occur in addition to your planning, not when the planning is done. So in that example, if you're researching gyms and trainers in the area, you can still take a daily walk or do 50 pushups and start cleaning up some of your diet.

[00:12:42] It's never an all or nothing thing. You don't have to wait for the whole plan to be laid out before you start taking action. Third strategy start small. And I mean really small, but just get started. Action is a habit that can be strengthened. It's not a genetic thing. We're not genetically prone to procrastinate or some [00:13:00] are better at just taking action.

[00:13:02] It's a habit that can be strengthened. But as with any habit it's important to start smaller than you think don't think of how much you can do in a single day, but rather how much you can do over the course of this month or this year, that's the kind of consistent action that will bring consistent clarity in your life with each step.

[00:13:19] Every step you take more and more doors will open up more and more clarity will come from it. So make sure that you're just consistently doing that and think over the long-term, this has to be a, a broader scope than just a short term goal. When we talk about making major change across these key areas of your life, it has to happen consistently, deliberately and over time.

[00:13:38] And those action steps have to be every single day guys for strategy. Make sure you set a big deadline with many deadlines along the way. As I mentioned earlier, deadlines force us into action. If I don't play some kind of deadline on myself, it takes me a lot of willpower to get motivated, to, to drum up the energy, to actually act on it.

[00:14:00] [00:14:00] But instead think about setting yourself a deadline for the entire thing that you're trying to accomplish. Put a date on it, and then start breaking that down into manageable chunks along the way. Give yourself many sprints, many 90 day or one month or even one week sprints, you can do to see progress, to start to see that change because that seeing that change is going to reinforce the behaviors you're trying to work on.

[00:14:21] I'm going to reinforce that new identity that you're trying to work towards. Now, if you guys need any more help with this, make sure to check out the recent episode I did called goal setting to the now. That's goal setting to the now I think it was either a week or two ago, and that that will have much more information for you guys in how to break down your big goals into manageable action steps.

[00:14:38] So if you guys are struggling with this one specifically, make sure to go check that out because with these deadlines comes action and with action comes clarity. Last strategy. I want to talk to you about here today. Avoid perfection and learn to fail fast. You're never going to have a perfect, you'll never have all the answers before starting, but quit seeing failure as a bad thing.

[00:15:00] [00:15:00] It's really just information you can learn from and grow through. I'm currently reading a book called the psychology of money, which I would highly recommend. And there's some great examples that can relate to the topic of failing fast. Now in the book, they mentioned that the best companies and individuals out there don't necessarily have better ideas or even a higher success rate on their ideas.

[00:15:20] But they often tend to just take action quicker, knowing that it's not about capitalizing on every single opportunity, but taking enough strategic chances. Or we can say that another way, taking deliberate and consistent action until they find their big breakthrough. Amazon had many failed projects and ideas before they created things like Amazon web services and Amazon prime, which now I think we know how much revenue that accounts for in their company.

[00:15:47] Walt Disney had produced hundreds of hours of cartoons without any financial breakthroughs before an hour and a half movie. I think we can all relate to this one, named snow white blew up the company, and it sparked the path that they're on today. Michael Jordan, [00:16:00] uh, if anyone watched the Netflix series on the bowls, One of the, one of the great series out there, but we know how many shots, game winning shots he hit, but there were plenty that he missed as well.

[00:16:11] He missed plenty of game winning chats, but he sure not remembered for any of those. And I can tell you, he definitely did not let them and did not let those miss shots keep him from taking the next one. Another sports reference, Wayne Gretzky. One of the goats in the hockey world also said you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take.

[00:16:30] Quit waiting for the perfect shot guys. Just start taking action. You'll start gaining valuable feedback with each step forward that will give you clarity and purpose beyond what you could ever get from simply preparing it's time to get in the game guys. And we're going to wrap up here with our take action takeaway something started a few episodes back and want to continue to do, because as you know, I, it goes right in line with this episode.

[00:16:53] I don't want this to just be something that you hear, something that gets you a little fired up, and then you go back to your day or you find the next podcast [00:17:00] episode, and you just started listening to another podcast episode. We want to bias ourselves towards taking action. Like I said earlier, this is a habit that we need to develop.

[00:17:08] We need to foster. So want to leave you guys to the practical thing with each episode that you can take and run with? I think of think of this question. What's a, what's a big goal, a dream, a passion project you're working towards or wanting to work towards. First identify what that thing is, then list out the top five things you can do today right now to start acting on it.

[00:17:30] These can be big. These can be small. I recommend if you're having trouble with it, lean towards smaller things, smaller action steps. If you're having trouble writing down your top five, or you can think of five things, then this episode might be beneficial to, to listen to. Again, don't worry about making the list.

[00:17:46] Perfect. Just do your best and get something down. Start with number one in that list and go get it done by the end of this week, set that deadline for yourselves. Once number one is done Pat yourself on the back. That's a big step guys, but keep moving forward, [00:18:00] keep crossing that next thing off the list.

[00:18:01] Keep taking action. And what you'll find is, as you cross things off, you're going to find that. You start to realize different things need to be worked on there's different things that are more important. There's different things that will get you there faster. All these things will be revealed once you start taking action and I guarantee you, these steps will continue to become more clear once you do just that.

[00:18:20] Now imagine guys moving from being a man of planning or procrastination to a man with clarity and a clear purpose for what needs to get done. This is possible and not just a single area of your life, but this can be applied across all areas. We talked about. This could be business and finance related.

[00:18:36] This could be in your health. This could be in your relationships, your finances, your emotional health, your mindset guys. These are things you can work on. You can start taking action towards and see dramatic improvements over time. It's not going to happen day one, but there's a compounding effect with this, that over time, you're going to notice more and more momentum.

[00:18:56] Picking up guys at this show struck a chord with you [00:19:00] and something that you're personally struggling with. I would love to talk with you. I've been there and it wasn't until personally finding coaches and mentors across key areas in my life that I started to have the accountability and the guidance I needed to level up.

[00:19:13] Most guys have the ability to do big things. They're just missing some structure to actually make it happen. Now that sounds like you I'd love to talk with you. Head on over to the link in the show notes. It's man-made for to request a free strategy session where we'll get on a call and I'll help you identify your biggest barriers.

[00:19:31] That's keeping you from living the life you want to live, and we can talk next steps to start taking action, to start living out that life that you know, you can live. Guys, I appreciate you listening to him. Always appreciate you guys tuning in and trying to better yourselves. Go take action on this.

[00:19:45] Don't just hear it. Don't just take it for what it is. Go take that next step, guys. Appreciate you. Uh, enjoy the rest of this day, guys. I keep leaning towards action and I will talk to you guys soon.

[00:19:55]Thanks so much for listening to today's [00:20:00] episode of the man-made for more podcasts, hope you found today's show valuable, and you have some actionable strategies you can apply to your life today. This is your first time listening. Thanks for being here. The aim of this podcast is to provide a ton of the best possible content to help you grow in your journey, to becoming the best version of yourself.

[00:20:18] You enjoyed the podcast and found it helpful. Please make sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a five star review. The subscriptions and reviews, help other like-minded men discover the podcast and take the next step in strengthening their body, their mind, and their purpose. You're a regular listener.

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[00:20:53] Keep challenging yourself growing and know that it's okay to get out of your comfort zone and know that you're made for more. Thanks for listening and [00:21:00] see you guys soon.

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