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With L3 Group Coaching You'll Improve Your Ability To..

Lead Yourself: Self-Leadership is the most important and most overlooked skill needed to reach your full leadership potential as a man

Lead Your Family, Friends, and Community: Once you learn the skill of leading yourself, you will continue to learn how to more effectively lead the relationships around you that matter most.

Lead Your Business and Workplace: As men we have an incredible opportunity to step into leading others in the workplace. Men have become complacent and the world needs more bold leaders looking to raise the levels of those around them.

Why L3 Group Coaching is So Powerful for Men Looking to Level Up Their Leadership..


Weekly coaching to sharpen your skills, answer questions, and give you all the tools to develop into the leader that you're capable of being



Surround yourself with like minded men that can support, encourage, and help raise your potential no matter where you're at is the best way to accelerate the results in any area of your life


Accountability from yourself and from other people is one of the biggest things holding men back from stepping into a bigger life. Get the accountability and support you need weekly to reach your next level

It’s time to learn the strategies needed to lead yourself, your family, and your business…

Here's what you can expect with our coaching...

30 Minute Onboarding 'Accelerator Call' to get crystal clear on your vision for your life and your business

Mindset, Habit, Daily Disciplines, and next level Time + Energy Management Strategies to revamp your capacity

Weekly Coaching Calls and Accountability needed to transform your life and business

Unlimited access and support to your coach and the Men Made For More Community

**Mastermind Events and 1-on-1 Coaching available to those looking to take their business and life to a new level**

L3 Group Coaching


Special Founding Member Pricing - Available to the First 10 to Sign Up

  • Lock into our lowest ever rate for the first 10 to sign up
  • 1x/weekly Group Coaching and Accountability Calls ($597 Value)
  • 30 Minute Onboarding Accelerator Call ($300 Value)
  • Powerbuildling Lean Muscle Exercise Programming ($500 Value)
  • Access to New Courses ($250+ Value)
  • Access to Private Coaching Community and Group Voxer Chat ($250 Value)
  • 50% Discount to Virtual and In-Person Mastermind Events ($500+ per event)

Total Value = $1997/month



L3 Coaching PLUS Mastermind


Highest Value

  • 1x/monthly MMFM Mastermind Event Access (In-Person w/ Virtual Options Available - $2000 Value)
  • 30 Minute 1-on-1 Monthly Coaching Call ($300 Value)
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Voxer, Text, and Email Communication ($800 Value)
  • 1x/weekly Group Coaching and Accountability Calls ($597 Value)
  • 30 Minute Onboarding Accelerator Call ($300 Value)
  • Powerbuildling Lean Muscle Exercise Program ($500 Value)
  • Access to New Courses ($250+ Value)
  • Access to Private Coaching Community ($250 Value)

Total Value = $4997

*Get 12 months for the price of 10 with our annual plan*


Working with Dave and a community of goal-oriented men helped me synthesize my priorities amidst intense demands of work and life.

Balancing my faith, family, and fitness while working long hours is not easy, but investing the time to organize and strategize with Dave was key to aligning my life with my values.


By aligning your efforts with competent and knowledgeable individuals who have traveled this road before, you can avoid common mistakes and elevate your ability to lead. The Men Made for More Coaching program is your secret weapon in expediting your learning curve if you are inexperienced and polishing off an existing skill set that needs a little direction.

Dr. Dave Paczkowski's lead from the front approach and his ability to coach complex subjects will make a difference in your development. You can set on a quest to find these things out on your own, or you could learn from him in a concise and safe environment that will make you not just a better business owner but a better human being as well. It is in this holistic approach that Men Made for More Coaching truly shines. When you consider that this program will improve all areas of your life, it is easy to see its intrinsic value to you and your loved ones.

If you are on the fence about joining this program, then I like to leave you with this. How would you like to spend time with like-minded professionals whose influence and coaching will give you back time, save you money, keep you accountable and prepare you to one day be the coach yourself? If you are anything like me, the answer is an emphatic yes.