The Men Made For More Mastermind

Accelerate Your Vision. Increase Your Profits. Grow Your Leadership.

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For Current and Aspiring Business Owners in The Health and Fitness Industry. Click to apply and schedule your 30 minute strategy session with Dr. Dave Paczkowski

Join A Community of Growth Minded Men and Business Leaders in Southern California

For Men in The Health and Fitness Industry Looking To Maximize Their God Given Potential in Life and in Business.

What You'll Discover On This Call...

  • Identify common mindset pitfalls and limiting beliefs keeping you from your highest potential
  • Discover which pillar of business is keeping you from higher profits
  • Clarify your ultimate vision for your life and for business
  • Discuss if you're a good fit to join our exclusive mastermind
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It's Time For Your Next Level...

Join a growth minded community of men that want nothing more than to see you succeed in business and in life as you reach your next level

Get Involved

When the right people get together at the right time - the right things happen. There's power in community, and the more you surround yourself with like minded men the more you will grow.


Increase Income

This community is full of men identifying their purpose and chasing their passions. But that will only get you so far if you're missing a key component: profits. We believe you can do what you love to do while also building generational wealth for those around you.

Upgrade Life

While we expect business success, we make sure the success doesn't happen at the expense of your health, relationships, and personal growth that matter most.


All Members Must Meet The Following Criteria. No Exceptions.

We believe in demanding a higher standard of ourselves and of others, and that is why we have strict criteria of who joins this community.


To see success in any area of your life you can't be swayed from your ultimate vision by distractions, shiny objects, or shortcuts. Staying disciplined and keeping your eyes on what's important will be required.


Growth Minded

To reach your next level, you must be open to new ways of thinking. What you've done so far in life has gotten you the results you're seeing today. If you're happy where you're at, you won't fit in with this community. If you're looking to reach a new level and expand your thinking, you're in the right spot.


While you don't have to be the best at what you do to find success, you do need to be committed to learning the necessary skills needed to seek excellence in your field. If you're just trying to get rich quick without delivering an amazing product or service - there's other business groups that you will fit in better with.

Action Taker

Action is a key variable that separates the successful from the dreamers. The winners from the losers. If you're not willing to step out of your comfort zone, in every area of your life, then you're not ready for your next level.

Team Player

You should celebrate the success of others as much as your own. While we love competition in this community, it's not for those that are arrogant, prideful, or get jealous when others succeed. We rise by lifting one another up.


We will give you all the tools you need to succeed in business and in life, but at the end of the day it comes down to you being willing to put the reps in to see the results you're after. All we ask is that you commit to being all in and playing full out in whatever you do.

If you meet the criteria and are interested in joining our community - apply for a strategy session today!

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YES! - I have a burning desire to accelerate business growth.
YES! - I'm tired of trying to figure things out on my own.
YES! - I'm willing to support other members in achieving their goals.
YES! - I want one-on-one business help from Dr. Dave and his network.
YES! - I'm looking to join a tight-knit group of high-performing purpose driven business owners.


If so, feel free to apply below...

* Note: We're extremely selective in who is allowed into the group. It is for our most ambitious men, and we have a strict process for vetting new applicants.
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Here's What You Get When You Sign Up For The Men Made For More Mastermind...

Get exclusive access to everything below to fast track your path towards personal and business success:

VIP Accelerator Call

Launch yourself into success as soon as you sign up for the program with a 1 on 1 Accelerator Call to get you up to speed and give you immediate action steps.

Monthly Mastermind Live Events

Every single month we will get together, in person to build community and to do a deep dive Mastermind on each member's business. We will also have expert guest speakers present, and build community and connection through doing cool things together.

Group Coaching and Community Calls

We'll get together in between live events via Zoom for accountability, strategy, and community to help raise one another up on a regular basis and make sure you're getting the results you're capable of.

Access to the MMFM Network and World Class Guest Speakers

The real power of a Mastermind is the instant access you get to a powerful network. You will have access to some of most successful speakers, coaches, and business people across the country.

Private MMFM Mastermind Community Access

Get real time help and feedback from this community in between calls and events as things up. Share your wins and success stories with other like minded men who will celebrate with you and encourage you to your next level.

Unlimited Voxer Communication

Access your coach and other Mastermind members through the Voxer app to get the help you need throughout the week and never leave a question unanswered.

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What People Are Saying About This Program...


Working with Dave and a community of goal-oriented men helped me synthesize my priorities amidst intense demands of work and life.

Balancing my faith, family, and fitness while working long hours is not easy, but investing the time to organize and strategize with Dave was key to aligning my life with my values.


By aligning your efforts with competent and knowledgeable individuals who have traveled this road before, you can avoid common mistakes and elevate your ability to lead. The Men Made for More Coaching program is your secret weapon in expediting your learning curve if you are inexperienced and polishing off an existing skill set that needs a little direction.

Dr. Dave Paczkowski's lead from the front approach and his ability to coach complex subjects will make a difference in your development. You can set on a quest to find these things out on your own, or you could learn from him in a concise and safe environment that will make you not just a better business owner but a better human being as well. It is in this holistic approach that Men Made for More Coaching truly shines. When you consider that this program will improve all areas of your life, it is easy to see its intrinsic value to you and your loved ones.

If you are on the fence about joining this program, then I like to leave you with this. How would you like to spend time with like-minded professionals whose influence and coaching will give you back time, save you money, keep you accountable and prepare you to one day be the coach yourself? If you are anything like me, the answer is an emphatic yes.

Meet Your Top Coach...

Meet the Men Made For More Founder and the one who's mission for this business and this mastermind is to see you become wildly successful in business AND in life

Dr. Dave Paczkowski

Purpose Driven Business Coach, Speaker, Doctor of PT, Founder of Men Made For More Coaching and Inside Out Strength and Performance

Dr. Dave has always had a desire to striving follow his passions while reaching his full potential in life. Through his two successful and fast growing businesses: Men Made for More Coaching and his Performance Physical Therapy business, Inside Out Strength and Performance, Dave has been fortunate to be able to help hundreds of men live true to their dreams on their way to building a life and business that is both passionate and profitable.

Dave found time and time again that most men aren’t lacking in their ability or their motivation to follow their passions and be successful. Rather most men simply lack the proper disciplines, habits, community, as well as a clear plan that’s specific to their unique needs, to create long-term and sustainable results in their home and in their business.

Men Made for More Coaching was developed to help strengthen not just the outer man in the results you achieve, but more importantly the inner man inside of you that will leave a legacy behind. You’re not as far as you think from achieving amazing things in your life and in your business. It’s time to step outside your comfort zone and into the life that you were made to live.

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Schedule your 30 minute strategy session with Dr. Dave

Schedule Your Strategy Session Now!

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Schedule your 30 minute strategy session with Dr. Dave

If you're tired of trying things on your own and want to see what's possible when you link arms with a community of growth minded men and purpose driven business owners - then I can't wait to talk to you. I understand this community is not for everyone, but for you men out there that truly feel like you're made for more - to transform your life and the world around you - then you're right where you need to be and you can find a home with us.

To your success,

Dr. Dave